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Unite in the Fight Againt Corruption

Organized by: Cary Schulman

Cary's Photo
Cary's Photo


Fighting Corruption:

My name is Cary Schulman. Jenifer is my fiancée and together we have four children: Aaron (19), Hannae (17), Abigail (14) and Coby (1).  I was licensed to practice law November 1996 and I am a legal expert on corruption.

Over the last six years, I uncovered, documented and exposed, corruption in Texas and at the highest levels of the U.S. Government (links provided throughout). I have testified to this before the Texas Supreme Court (see my affidavit at appendix 1) as an expert and eye-witness on corruption, have appeared on multiple national news television programs (see link and additional below) and my corruption cases had Congress claiming investigations were forthcoming as reported by CNNCBS and others. My representation of Aurelia Fedenisn and Richard Higbie, agents with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, US Dept. of State, were cases featured by many print news organizations such as the Wall Street JournalNewsweek, N.Y. Post and National Enquirer (cover story), to mention merely a few,  and widely reported on television news programs to include CNN (click here, here, or here). The suspicious burglary of my law firm, started as a local television news story, and then made national news, as did my interrogation of senior government officials in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security accused of committing perjury during my questioning of them in depositions. I have directly communicated accounts of corruption to the U.S. Congress on behalf of whistleblowers and my client's emails were hacked and deleted. Richard Higbie's case was featured by Glen Beck on the Blaze network.  Documents filed by me as an officer of the Court detail the egregious corruption in multiple counties in Texas, to include Dallas County, Rockwall County and Collin County, Texas.  The corruption I have documented and reported is blatant, obvious, and undisputable.  More information, evidence and links are provided below.

Retaliation for Exposing Corruption:

The evidence of corruption is undeniable and compelling. However, my family has paid a high price in my exposing it. We were illegally thrown out of our home, have been denied seeing one of our four children unlawfully (see affidavit at Appendix 1) and my law license was suspended improperly in violation of my due process rights.

Indeed, the officials involved in the suspension process were some of  the same officials with the State Bar of Texas which I filed complaints on for official misconduct and obstruction of justice, criminal violations of law. For sixteen years I practiced law without a grievance on my record.  My suspension was unlawful in all respects, the process was obviously tainted and unduly influenced.  Proper procedures were ignored again and again, evidence of criminal wrongdoing by other lawyers destroyed by the State Bar of Texas, complaints demonstrating lawyer crimes and fraud ignored and covered up by the State Bar of Texas, confidentiality guaranteed my by law intentionally violated multiple times by the officials within the State Bar of Texas and all of it ignored by the highest levels of the State Bar when it was brought to their attention including the Board of Disciplinary Appeals.

The removal of us from our home involved courts acting without jurisdiction and was otherwise unlawful in all respects as we had posted a bond and were appealing the case which stayed the enforcement of the trial court's judgment. Despite the automatic stay, the Rockwall Clerk, the Judges, the Sheriff and the Courts still went threw with the illegal eviction of us from a home we were purchasing and had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into (see court filing for history and details). Without question, the law is that if a bond, or in our case, cash in lieu of bond is posted, the judgment is superseded and execution of the judgment is stayed.  But multiple judges from the trial court to the Texas Supreme Court refused to stop the unlawful actions and permitted corrupt clerks, courts and lawyers to use the legal process illegally and thereby legitimize their conduct. If that was not bad enough, the corrupters stole much of the bond money we placed in the trust of the court and county clerk, by releasing it to the other party before the court of appeals even ruled in the case.  Bond money must stay in the court and the clerk until a final decision is made by the court in which the case is being appealed to. This is merely one of many incidents clearly demonstrating blatant and rampant corruption in North Texas.  Other examples include:

  • The other lawyer moving the trial date up two days with merely a telephone call, no motion, notice or hearings.  This simply does not and cannot occur.

But most troubling is the egregiousness and unlawfulness of the courts and corrupters in keeping Hannae from seeing her mother, Jennifer, her grandparents and aunts and uncles on Jennifer's side of the family.  So many people that love and miss Hannae and want nothing more than to love and embrace her. There is a long list of documented official misconduct and crimes in the Hannae case and includes back-dating of documents by the County Clerks, tampering with court criminal files, the trial judge seeking affirmative relief (an injunction) in his own court against Jennifer -- a party before him in Hannae's case --, permitting the court coordinator, who is not a party in the case, to seek sanctions against Jennifer and I in the court she works for, without first filing a written motion and noticing us of a hearing. 

The court of appeals' opinion ignores the real facts and issues pertaining to the official misconduct of the trial judge and Presiding Judge of the First Judicial Administrative Region in Texas, a judge over 34 counties (compare opinion with Brief). This Presiding Judge had a sham policy of duping litigants by instructing clerks to post the orders on a notice board rather than mail a copy to particular parties, however, the sham is that the court had not notice board so the party never would receive a copy of the order. At one hearing which called for the Presiding Judge to recuse himself from Jennifer's case, the Judge assigned himself to be the judge of hearing on whether he himself acted unlawfully and then he testified from the bench as a witness, ultimately ruling that he finds that he did nothing wrong. You can't make this stuff up.

Sanctions and judgments of over a hundred thousand dollars have been entered against us and we have spent much more than that investigating, documenting and fighting the corruption not including the thousands of hours of time. We have endured bouts of homelessness and had to file bankruptcy. Our privacy has been violated on multiple occasions and in multiple ways. My once thriving law firm is gone. Despite all of the clear documentation and our complaints to both state and federal authorities, no investigation has occurred and I have never once been interviewed or asked to present the evidence of crimes.

Your Help Is Needed:

We need your help in order to continue fighting government corruption, to compile and present the evidence including building and maintaining a web platform and a book telling our story and exposing corruption.  Further, we will use the resources to further develop the field of corruption legal expert. My work and previous testimony before courts as a corruption legal expert is innovative and has potential to shine the light on judicial corruption.  I developed  and implemented a model for this sort of expert testimony and I need to finish the work I started. (see my Affidavit attached at appendix 1). In the photos below you will find charts I prepared from objections and rulings in the case which contain statistically relevant information and demonstrate severe bias. These charts were merely part of the expert tetimony I provided to the Texas Supreme Court. This is a fulltime endeaovor and a matter worth all of my attention, however, we have exhausted our resources in this fight and can no longer continue without your help.


Through the adversity, we have been given an invaluable gift. We have been awakened as to the severity of corruption in America and are now conscious of the desperate need to address the most serious problem facing our Nation. I believe potentially the only way to combat the great evil of corruption is for the people to unite. Standing unified, there is nothing that the people of this great nation cannot accomplish. What I have learned is the problem is endeavor   than most recognize. Corruption is bleeding this Country and its people of precious resources, concentrating wealth to merely a small group and most importantly, stealing our freedom and liberty. The sooner the majority of us wake up, the sooner the majority of us unite; the sooner we unite, the sooner we can accomplish our destiny.  Our opponents fear our unification more than anything.

In Conclusion:

Given the opportunity and with the proper amount of exposure, the evidence of corruption I have gathered and documented will awaken others to the severity of the problem, will hopefully receive enough attention to cause investigations to take place and positive changes will come about. Your support may cause other whistleblower attorneys to come forward as well. With your support, I can continue the fight, expose the evidence I have gathered and create and market a web presence. With your assistance, my ultimate goal assisting the educating and unification of the people of this great Nation.  It is my sincere hope that with unification, a movement mobilize and grow and prevail against our enemies, both foreign and domestic, preserving our freedoms and liberties as guaranteed us under the United States Constitution.

I want to give a special thanks to Damon Mathias, my friend and law partner until my suspension for all that you have done in helping me get through this adversity. I want to thank my dear friends and clients, Aurelia Fedenisn and Richard Higbie for permitting me to represent you; it was an honor and privilege. I also want to give a very special thank you to Jennifer, Aaron and Abigail for always standing by me and never wavering I love you.  And to Hannae, we all love you and anticipate the day when we can spend time together as a family.

Thank you and God bless you, your family and this Nation and strengthen us in the unification process.

Cary Schulman

Immediately following are links of court filings, transcripts, correspondence and affidavits evidencing crimes and corruption and grouped under broad headings of Theft of Home, Judicial Kidnapping of Child, Judge Ovard's Corruption, Unlawful Suspension and Department of State Litigation.  Thereafter you will find additional links to television and print news articles which pertain to Schulman's representation of whistleblowers.


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