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Help For Alexandra Uth

Organized by: Erica Roewade

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The Kitten Saga

The Kitten Saga began with a posting on Chicago TNR’s Facebook page about four kittens who had been dumped on the doorstep of a feeder in Pilsen. These pictures accompanied the post:

Well, we live in Bridgeport, not far from where the kittens were. We have space in the basement laundry room for a crate. I asked my husband if we could take the kittens at least until a full-time foster was found. He said yes, so I let George Black know. Who wouldn’t want to help these cuties?

George dropped them off on Monday afternoon and took some photos. Here’s what the kittens looked like then:

There were three boys and one girl. We named them Freddy, Frankie, Fernando, and Freida. In the photo above, that’s Freddy in front, Fernando behind him, Frankie is the tuxedo, and Freida is way in the back.

We put them in their crate. Later that evening, my husband and I fed them, gave them Clavamox, and tried to clean Freddy and Fernando, as they had the most poo stuck to them. Freddy complained vociferously. Fernando didn’t say much of anything. We dried them off, put them in the crate, and said goodnight to the kittens.

The next morning, things started to go wrong. Little Fernando had crashed during the night. We rushed him and his siblings to the vet, figuring if something’s wrong with one the others probably have it as well. Fernando was too far gone to save, so we agreed to euthanize him. I stroked his head as he passed away. It was the first of many trips to the vet.

On Wednesday, I noticed blood in Freddy’s stool. Off to the vet to drop off the stool sample, which showed the presence of coccidiosis, so the vet prescribed Albon.

On Thursday, Frankie had diarrhea and a red, swollen anus which seemed to be hurting him very much, so back to the vet we went. They took another stool sample to make sure there weren’t any additional parasites. While we waited, I took this photo of Frankie sleeping in my husband’s hands:

On Friday, Frankie’s diarrhea was improving so we were hopeful he was getting better. But Friday afternoon, he started walking all hunched up, as if his hindquarters or abdomen were hurting him. Then he vomited. Freida was vomiting, too, but seemed okay otherwise. By Friday evening, Frankie was lethargic and hadn’t eaten since the morning. We called the vet who said it was probably because of the parasites, but to keep an eye on Frankie and Freida.

We visited the kittens late at night (we didn’t leave their side for too long Friday night) and gave Frankie some food and water by syringe, and he perked up.

When we got up Saturday morning, Frankie was worse, although he was the first to hop out of the crate when we went to put them in their carrier. We got to the vet as quickly as we could. We had the kittens on the exam table. Frankie stumbled, fell over, and didn’t get up. The tech rushed him to the back to begin treatment. The vet kept Freida and Freddy for observation and put all three on fluids and antibiotics. She also gave Frankie some dextrose and said he perked up, but his blood pressure and blood sugar were extremely low. We went home to wait.

About an hour later, we got a call saying that Frankie had taken a turn for the worse and had labored breathing. We agreed that euthanizing him would be the kindest thing to do. It hit us hard, though. We loved that little man.

We brought Freida and Freddy home last night (Saturday). Freddy played for half an hour. Freida went right to sleep.

This morning, Freida wasn’t any better and was walking hunched over, like Frankie on Friday. Back to the vet we went. They took a blood sample and she tested positive for panleukopenia.

So at least now we know where we stand with these babies. We’re doing our best to give them a chance to live and if they don’t make it, we’re at least letting them die in peace.

As of 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Freddy is holding his own. Freida isn’t eating and has developed diarrhea, but she is drinking.

We don’t regret a single thing about this saga. As hard as it’s been—and there have been many, many tears shed for these babies—, we’re thankful that we’ve been able to give these kittens their best chance at survival and if they don’t make it, at least they know they’re loved and will be missed.

Thank you to everyone for your support. It is truly appreciated.

Alexandra Uth


Organized by

Erica Roewade

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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