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I hurt my back at work.  It hurt enough to make work difficult, and so I wen to the Immediate Care.  There, i was prescribed Lyrica and Prednisone.  After taking these for two days, I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room.  
 I was unable to move, and unable to communicate.  Watching TV, I told my fiance I needed to stretch my legs.  The next thing I recall was a paramedic sitting next to me on the bed.  
"Can you squeeze my hands"? no
In the ambulance-someone is checking between my fingers, between my toes.  I know they think this is drug related.  They're asking me if I've done something to myself, taken too many pills...Have you met my family?  I think; Do you know how lucky I am?  I wish I could protest.  
I can spit out each letter of my last name.  Slowly.  Mostly the paramedics are asking me questions, but by the time I can figure out what they want to know, they're asking another question.
My family's in the emergency room to see me.  
I was discharge the next day.  My family was told I was probably allergic to the Lyrica.  I was given a prescription for benedryl, and was to keep taking the prednisone.
Another two days went by, again I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room.  Same problem.
This time, an MRI is done, and I ask my mom to take a video of me, so that I may see what they're seeing.  You can view some of the video on the left of this screen.

I have small bits of time during which I'm able to communicate and move, and after two days in the hospital, I was discharged with the diagnosis "general weakness".

A full recovery, of course!  A few days after my discharge, I was able to write again.  I'm still regaining my ability to walk, and hope to be able to go back to work soon.  I am trying to get into U.W. (Wisconsin), to get a much needed EEG.  I am terrified this will happen to me again (my family even more so), and would really like to get the answer to what happened to me in the first place. 

With your donation, Sarah and her family will be able to purchase an EEG, pay for her outstanding medical bills, and cover some of her lost wages.
Any amount of money you can afford to donate will be much appreciated and will have a tremendous impact - thanks in advance!
But we need your help. Contribute and tell your friends to join us!

NOTE:  If you are able to donate there is a processing fee from Crowdrise that is optional. 



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