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Help Fredrick and his children in Uganda

Organized by: Robert Beaudreau

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Fredrick is a twenty-something young man who lives in Uganda and is looking for work. While previously employed he spent 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to earn about $150 a month. No sick time, no medical; Fredrick continued to work, and nearly died, during a span of time while he suffered with malaria. Sundays were the only days he had off, and many Sundays were spent trying to help children he knows who are in dire need. Many of the children in Fredrick's area are unable to continue in school because they have to help their mothers put some kind of food on the table. That is, if "mummy" is with them at all: when there is no mother, the oldest children find themselves responsible for their younger siblings. In spite of now being unemployed, Fredrick often has one child or another staying with him when situations in their own homes become too severe. He recently had 4 boys and 3 girls in his tiny residence at the same time. He said "It took their thoughts off their troubles for a while. It was very expensive for me, but it was worth it." Fredrick dreams of finding a way to help as many of these children as he can, both with their present and their future needs: his goal is to financially assist and to mentor each of them toward a life that one day might set them free from that single, predominant thought: what will I eat today? He realizes this will require education (both his and theirs) and he knows that this demands finances. He believes that his best chance of making a lasting difference for them rests in his ability to raise his own educational level, which will help him earn more money (which he will share with the children) and which will also provide the knowledge he needs to create a best-chance scenario for them all. Fredrick has a family in America who have offered him assistance if he can get there: a safe place to stay as he searches for work and applies to schools, part-time use of a vehicle. Although leaving these children and his mum will cause him great sadness and anxiety, he believes that the opportunities in America will enable him to make that long-term difference they all need. As it is now, each day only offers more of the same thing, and he knows that he must do something to break the chain. One-way airfare from Uganda is currently hovering (nice, right?!) around $1000. He would soon need a reliable used vehicle to facilitate travel to school and work, and insurance, and gas. He will need to buy his food and clothing and toiletries, and he should buy medical coverage if at all possible. There is no way to ascertain how long it will take for him to obtain part-time work, so the goal for the fundraising is best-guess estimate based on one year without obtaining work, and also based on paying no rent for that time, if necessary. The goal includes purchasing medical coverage. If it is on your heart to help, please reach out to this young man. He has such a caring heart, and such a drive to make a difference in the lives of the children he knows. Any money you decide to give will ultimately help not only Fredrick, but many more. A little of the "teach a man to fish" principle. And your donation will not be sent to some big charity organization that immediately deducts a percentage for their offices and luncheons with movie stars. It will go to a young man in Kampala, Uganda, and it will help him turn a new page in his life that will impact many others.


Organized by

Robert Beaudreau

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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