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Help Gregorio Navarro Carpio Survive

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I am writing to you today about Gregorio Navarro Carpio.
Gregorio is a 95-year-old man, sick and financially unstable. He has only 15% of his heart functioning and needs to take medicines daily in order to survive. He lives in a nursing home and has no family to support his basic daily needs like nursing home fees, food, medicines, diapers, etc.
In his prime years, he worked most of his life making medical supplies like wheelchairs, canes etc. He was one of the first people in Peru that made hand-made accessories for the medical industry. He was always helping kids. When he turned ill, he wasn’t able to continue his work anymore.
Gregorio is a very kind hearted person and very loving guy. He doesn't have a family, nowhere to live and no money for food, medicine or diapers. Right now he is living in a private nursing home but needs to pay the rent in order to be able to continue to live there. He has already built up rent arrears of 4 months. If he doesn't pay the arrears and ongoing rent they will have to ask him to leave.
I have been associated with IFA (International Faith Association) which functions mainly in Peru working towards welfare of underprivileged children and senior citizens to satisfy their basic needs of food and shelter, provide hospital and nursing care, and enabling them to live respectably. IFA is a Not For Profit organization.
I have been fortunate enough to be able to take care of him for many years but now unfortunately, I am now unable to provide any more support to him financially. He is currently very much in need of paying for his nursing home and basic needs or may end up on streets in case of failure to pay for them and even worse he may not be able to survive any longer.
If he is asked to leave the nursing home he will not be able to survive by himself on the streets without a warm place to stay, any financial support or 24 hour round the clock care. I am sure that no one in their old age would like to be kicked out of their nursing home without anywhere to go and without any financial support to pay for basic necessities like food and medicines.
In order to preserve Gregorio’s dignity and respect as an elderly human being, from one human being to another, I kindly request for your support in favor of this elderly man so that his essential basic needs are metlike the costs of being able to continue to live in nursing home he’s been living in andthe cost of his medicinesand diapers etc.

Please find the pictures below of the needy old man who could live few more years with your support.
To help support Gregorio with his rent arrears, ongoing rent and basic daily needs like food, medicines and other essential items please complete the attached donation form and return it to us.
Thank you so much for your support.
Yours Faithfully

Karla Isasi 
Founder of International Faith Association



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