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Help Hailey Pay Her Medical Bills, and receive her art work!

Organized by: Mercedes Reeves

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Hi everyone. I'm trying to help raise money to help my best friend, Hailey, pay her medical bills. Hailey was in the hospital for a few days in the ICU due to an infection in her abdomen that spread rapidly. I came and saw her in the hospital and she was in so much pain. When I looked at her stomach, she had a hole big enough for me to stick my finger in a few inches. The infection was staph infection, probably caused by a spider bite or some other small puncture wound. The infection, however, didn't form a "puss pocket." The puss and infection was spreading throughout her whole abdomen. It looked like a flesh eating disease. Hailey had to have antibiotics put through an IV for 3 days. I was so surprised to see that the day after she got out of the hospital, she was returning to work with this oozing hole in her stomach. I guess this is when I looked at Hailey from a new perspective. She has always helped people, no matter what she has to sacrifice. She worked for her first hospice patient and spent 12 hours over night taking care of this gentleman in his home until the last day of his life. She never lets anyone see it, but she's sensitive. After he passed away I could tell she was affected by it. She talked to me about it and told me she didn't think she could do another hospice patient for a long while because that was so emotionally stressful for her. She even told her supervisor that she didn't think she could handle another hospice patient right after that one. Then, she told me that she had to go work for another hospice patient. She told me when she stared working at this company, she was told she could work days, but the only hours that they have given her have been night shift. Her new hospice patient is 88 years old, has dementia and is combative and verbally abusive. Hailey called me crying after work one day because of how mentally and physically exhausted she was. Even after trying to explain to her supervisors that she is getting injured and doesn't think she can handle it, they still are able to manipulate her to work. It makes me sick to see her in such struggle. I knew if it were me, there is no way I'd work another hospice patient after that. But, Hailey is known for going out of her way to help others no matter what she had to sacrifice, even if it were her own happiness. One thing I never really noticed about her until recently is that she never really shows or tells anyone when she's upset or struggling. She's a very strong person. She had a very hard past, too. I don't want to share her personal past issues because she told me in confidence, but believe me. She is one of the strongest people I know. Anyways, I decided to make this fundraiser for her because for once in her life, you can tell that she REALLY needs the help. She has no help from her parent's (not because they don't want to, but because they simply can't.) She works overtime and pays for absolutely everything herself. She makes 10 dollars an hour, which is better than minimum wage, but in my opinion deserves way higher pay for having to deal with what she does on a daily basis. Recently she finally opened up to me and broke down bawling. It broke my heart. She told me that all she wanted was to become a massage therapist and then continue on with her education and get a masters degree in Music therapy and Art therapy. She wants to own her own small business doing runs to nursing homes, veterans homes, and group homes for the mentally disabled. The fact that she has the patience to be doing what she is now, and her goal is still working in the same type of work makes me admire her ambition. She is very talented in music. She plays the piano, guitar, drums, ukelele, alto saxophone and sings as well. She also is really good at drawing and making little crafty items, too. She told me she wants to make art or music and sell it to help her pay off her medical bills so she can get approved for a student loan. I thought that was a great idea and I asked her why she didn't do it. She said she wants to so badly but literally has no time to do so. She works twelve hour shifts overnight, and has to try and get all her chores, cleaning, errands and such during the day, while also sleeping. Having only 12 hours off everyday and trying to cram in sleep seems way too hard for me. I don't know how she even does that. I really feel like Hailey deserves a chance at becoming who she wants to be, because she would be able to help so many more people on a deeper level. She brightens the room as she enters. There's a natural glow that comes from her. I'm glad to have such a genuine friend. If I had enough money, I'd pay all of her medical bills, but that's not the case. So please help not only me, but her too in fulfilling her dreams. I know if Hailey's medical bills were taken care of, she would have so much less monthly bills and would be able to save and start her Massage Therapy School. Right now, her hospital bills add up to a balance of $3,284.21 and I'm hoping that I can get enough people to donate even just a little to dramatically change her life. It's all about giving back, and Hailey has given so much.


Organized by

Mercedes Reeves

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Mercedes is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Help Hailey Pay Her Medical Bills, and receive her art work!.

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