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On 12/14/12 the most awful of all events occurred leaving us all feeling helpless, completely grief stricken, and angry at everything that wasn’t done to prevent such things from happening. Collectively, our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the victims and to the survivors. And because of the people who had to do their jobs that day under such horrible circumstances, we can no longer complain about ours.

One such person is 1989 Dartmouth High School graduate, Marc Gelven. He is a State Trooper in Connecticut who happened to be one of the first responders in Newtown that day. Anybody who graduated with Marc surely remembers him as an intelligent entrepreneur who was as likely to help you with your homework as he was to sell you a pair of sunglasses.

I cannot imagine what Marc saw on Saturday the 14th. I don’t want to. What he saw that day had to shatter his heart. He has two young daughters.

While it has been a long time since we’ve graduated high school, it will always be a part of us. What Marc is going through, we are going through. But his role, his path, is far more difficult. Our road to recovery will travel through debates over gun control, access to psychiatric care, and the role of the media in our lives. His will crawl through nightmares and flashbacks. He will see those faces forever.

We Jews believe in something called Tikkun Olam. Translated, it means “repair of the world.” Part of the helplessness we feel over this unspeakable tragedy is our inability to repair the damage done to the victims or their families. We can, however, do something for the helpers and survivors.

No person should ever have to see what Marc saw. Perhaps we can do something to help him see enough beauty in the world to minimize the damage this has surely done to his soul.

Let’s send Marc and his family far away from all this. When his duties in Newtown have finished, it might do him some good to go to a place of beauty for a while. If it were me, I’d go to Hawaii, but Marc may have some other place in mind. Wherever his wants to go, let’s send him there, with his family.

Using Hawaii as a guide, I figure we’ll need about $12,000 to send them there for a week. This would include airfare, lodging, meals, and activities. If 120 of us from Dartmouth High School give $100, we get there. Any more extends his stay or improves the quality of the activities they get to participate in.

Then again, he may choose to spend this on his own personal journey to recovery.



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