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Help improve family planning in Sindh

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Help inform young couples in Sindh, Pakistan, of their family planning options and work with the community to reduce child marriages.

Why i luanched this project:

Young mothers in Sindh, Pakistan do not have access to birth control and often suffer from pregnancy related complications.

How we are solving these issues:

Educating communities to prevent unintended pregnancies through awareness raising activities, such as community theatre, counseling, and publicity materials.

In the desert area of Sindh in Pakistan, early marriage is a common practice. In addition, young couples often face strong pressure from families to immediately bear children. Early marriage and pregnancy commonly lead teen wives to suffer complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Specifically, young mothers have an increased risk of developing pre-eclampsia, and/or eclampsia, anemia, antepartum hemorrhage and face higher risks associated with cesarean delivery.

In our area, there is a need to both educate the community about the harmful effects of early marriage as well as inform young couples of their family planning options.

This project will help us:

Produce 10 street theater shows that use folk songs and drama that discourage the practices of early marriage and teenage pregnancy.
Host 40 counseling sessions with sexually active couples. we will counsel parenting teens on how to space their births through reproductive education. We have found that counseling sexually active teens is the most effective way to prevent unintended pregnancies. We will remind sexually active teens to also use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.
Hold 40 interactive meetings with teen mothers and their parents: Additional support services will be provided with home visits. We will advise teen mothers and their parents that births should be spaced at least two years apart to support the health of the baby, and that having more than one child during the teen years can make it difficult for teen parents to reach their educational and work goals. Addressing the parents of teen mothers will take the pressure off their daughters to produce more children than they are ready to have.
Facilitate 15 discussions with community leaders: We will go into communities and talk with community leaders, including faith-based organizations, about using effective programs that can help prevent repeat teen pregnancies. This will provide more support to young parents who want to space their births.
Publish posters and billboards about birth spacing to make communities aware of the risks associated with early marriages and teenage pregnancies.

We anticipate these activities to help 400 teenagers in our area better understand their reproductive health and family planning options. In addition, we expect community members to better understand the impacts of early marriage and, as a result, lessen the pressure placed on young couples to grow their families at a young age.

Bestover research & Development foundation is a registered organization under walfare act 1860.

Our Mendate are:

Endeavor to improve living condition of women in the field of education, health and economically state through gender equality, broaden knowledge about human rights, skillful professional training so they stood in society without any helplessness.  Including struggle for eradication physical, sexual and psychological violence against women so women become empower and making decision in their lives on accord.

To improve the health condition of women and children by spreading of accurate acquaintance information.
To sustain and promote women to lead proactive and productive lives through highlighting the achievements and outstanding performance of women, hence to inspire future generation of women.
To imbibe confidence and required skill in girls to reach their goals and realize their dreams.
To give power to women and girls for income generating activities though skillful professional trainings so can stood without any helplessness.
To empower women and girls economically.
To broaden awareness about human rights through effective methodology of legislation in communities so they can acquire their rights and live in prosperity.
To struggle for eradication physical, sexual and psychological violence against women and children by sensitization and awareness raising participatory approach and rummage around for its root causes uprising the laws.
To strive about behavioral change in the society for women friendly.
To disperse the obscurity of education, health, poverty and environmental inconsistency in women and children.



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