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Helping the Orphans and Refugees Camps

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The war in so many Continents has made the World a desolated place many have lost their home,their loved ones and have lost hope. They give up their lives and so many reported cases of suicide everyday,many children have been made orphans who has no hope of living and their future is like the wind with no direction especially for the sucklings struggling for their survival with no breastfeeding nor food. Many has been rendered homeless who need shelters,food and clothing,many are dying of diseases and are seriously in need of medication. If you are not going through any of the above mentioned calamity in life then count yourself so lucky because these people are living in hell on earth. Please we as small group have decided under the Red Cross Charity services to put in all and all we have including our lives ensuring making the world a better place for all. We visit every refugee camps and motherless babies homes to provide shelter to those who has no home,cloths to those who are naked,medicine to the sick and treat the wounded. Most of all food for all. These people who has no hope of this life are not asking for much but to eat and stay alive,nothing is too small for all who needs your help,please donate and give anything you feel you can to help the needy,they need you and I to live. ( For more Sponsorship contact ORC Charity Organization,, Text Message before calls (778) 400-8914 ) The world needs you to survive. Thank You.



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ORC is working on selecting a charity so you can support Helping the Orphans and Refugees Camps.