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Helping underprivileged kids in poor African communities

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Our vision has always been to give hope to young underprivileged individuals. In Africa, there are thousands of orphans who are left destitute in dangerous places. Their hope of a bright future has seemingly been taken away from them. They have no support whatsoever and are left wondering what the future holds for them. In the last few years Amor Dei Ministry has remained committed to helping underprivileged kids in deprived communities in Africa. We have launched a number of programs through very small individual contributions. Our aim has been to create an atmosphere that gives these children a desire to dream again. We have provided food, clothing and other vital resources to these communities. Our goal is to fashion education in a very exciting way to enable these uneducated young children learn relevant skill set that will be crucial in their personal development. We have over the years, with the help of other volunteers, steered towards providing easy-to-learn resources through enabling a very child-centered approach which have helped these young ones grasp information within a short period of time. We have achieved this through launching a project called 'LOVE BUIDS UP PROJECT', which essentially applies relevant child psychology practices in teaching and training the young imaginative minds of these kids. We have in place a development plan which is aimed at putting up a resource centre facility in one of these deprived communities. This plan has been in place for a long period of time and has yet not been executed due to the unavailability of funds. This facility has been planned to take in about a thousand kids who have no homes; to feed them, clothe them and educate them with the aim of making them individuals who will be relevant to the development of any society. The facility will house state of the art technology centres, to help these kids keep up with the dynamic growth of technology while facilitating their personal development through technology. This comes at a very huge cost and is among the many reasons why we are launching the first phase of the fundraiser. Among our projects is a yearly 'BOOKBANK PROJECT' which is aimed art providing a tremendous amount of books for schools in poverty stricken societies. Last year, we launched the first ever book bank project and managed to gather a number of books-though insufficient- which were given to different schools at various levels of the educational ladder. The aim of this project is to help these children have access to a wealth of educational reading sources to facilitate their growth. Through this project, we hope to build libraries in many such communities all over Africa. Essentially, we are redefining the identity of these poverty stricken societies into societies which are able to use the individual potentials of its young people to make necessary transformations in their development. Our projects can only be efficiently carried out when we create a pool of partners who are ready to help develop one deprived community at a time with a focus on the young potentials in such communities. These children can be key global leadership transformers if we can give them a chance through showing our love. More information is available on our website at: ""; where we have a gallery of pictures from various projects we have been involved in Africa. We are asking everyone to help make the ambitions and dreams of these gifted and talented kids possible. We are gradually creating a strong financial base which will be channeled only into building these resource centres and also running many other projects in other communities. As a non -profit group we realise our responsibilities and are determined to remain very transparent in our activities in order to make donors feel a part of this worthy cause.



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