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Helping Young Adults Realize Their True Passion in Life





Our Non-Profit Organization, Youthire America, Inc. realizes that Young Adults today have a difficult time competing in a world that demands not only academic excellence, but a strong foundation as it relates to personal responsibility, practical work experience and a demonstrated willingness to give back to their community. Youthire America's goal is to provide the resources necessary to help Young Adults gain valuable life experiences at an important time in their life. These life experiences will ultimately help individuals in this age group make informed decisions about the direction their life should take such as school choice and career path. It is our feeling that in order to succeed in today's competitive environment, the most qualified individual is one who understands what their true passion in life is. Youthire America provides a unique website called which combines four categories under one roof. These categories: Traditional Employment, Internships, Volunteer Projects and Odd-Jobs, allows the Young Adult to "surf" from one category to the next in search of opportunities that best fits their personal interests and skill level. The idea is for the website to act as a "Central Hub" that allows the Young Adult to "try out" areas of personal interest. Ultimately the experience will help the individual gain a better understanding as to whether their interest in a certain field is of a passing nature or one that has more significance. We also plan on creating Mentorships, Ambassordships and Professional Forums in which users of the program can pass on their experiences and inform others about certain aspects of the program itself. This network of personal, instructional and professional "guidance counselors" will provide a valuable resource in helping prepare the Young Adult for real-world situations. The world today is domintated by technology. This fact can either be a hindrance or a positive for the Young Adult. Youthire America, Inc. intends to harness the positive aspect of technology by using it to connect Young Adults within their community. Our web-site is designed to focus on the community aspect such that Homeowners can post Odd-Jobs for local Young Adults to perform. Or for hiring purposes which allow local businesses to post internships and/or traditional employment opportunities . Finally, local church groups and civic organizations can post Volunteer and/or Community Service Projects for local Young Adults to participate in. Taken together we see the entire age group consisting of Young Adults aged 16 through 26 as being in need of a program such as the one our organization provides. The beneficial aspects of our program pertains to all demographics regardless of social status, ethnicity, etc. Your contribution in helping us reach our goal will be used to promote our organization in communities throughout the U.S. These efforts will involve reaching out to local school districts and civic organizations, grass-roots marketing, traditional advertising and media coverage. Our efforts to date have resulted in significant media coverage, partnerships with school districts and civic organizations. You can view our website at



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