Helping the victims of co-dependency and addiction

Organized by: Helene Chantal Friis Philipsen

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Every single day, the lives of millions of families are destroyed by the effects of addiction.

Addiction to alcohol, medicine, food, gambling, love, sex and more.

The addicts need help.

And every single day, husbands and wives, children and grandchildren become mentally and physically ill because someone they love or depend on is getting drunk, taking drugs or eating themselves to ultimate self-destruction.

The co-dependents need help.

Everyone knows it.

But no one does anything about it. No one talks about it.

Often because they DON’T KNOW HOW to deal with either addiction or co-dependency.

We want to change that.

We, Helene and Lucy, have dedicated the next 3 months to create and produce a no- nonsense recovery plan for both addicts and co-dependents.

A professional package of digital videos, written exercises, audio and daily lifesaving messages – in Danish, English and eventually Spanish – to help the victims of addiction, both the addicts and those affected by them, to step into a new path of recovery and treatment.

This will culminate with a book filled with compelling stories of hope, triumph and survival.

Addicts are not necessarily bums on a bench or the crack head walking the streets.

IN FACT, addicts are usually resourceful people who look like you and me. Work like you and me. Have families and loved ones like you and me.

The difference is:

- An addict thinks about his/her “drug” all the time.

- An addict’s life is centred around creating situations where he or she can get and use their “drug” of choice.

- He or she will pretend, manipulate and lie to get access to their “drug”.

Like the alcoholic who has a glass of wine at dinner but goes to the kitchen to empty the vodka bottle in between meals.

Or the addict who uses social events and parties as a constant pretense to take cocaine.

Or the compulsive overeater who eats salads in public but then secretly binges alone on his or her sofa.

The addicts are on a self-destructive path – that often leads to their death. 

The co-dependents are on a self-destructive path – that often leads to the death of the co-dependents.

As a recovering addict and co-dependent, Helene and Lucy have extensive experience with effective ways to stop the negative spiral of self-destruction and step back into the life of dignity and recovery. 

We can no longer live without sharing and spreading this knowledge to those who are still on the path of self-destruction.

Understandably, in order to make this important project possible, we need funding.

Our estimated budget for 3 months of production is USD 20,000.

We are now looking for sponsors willing to commit to contributing to stop the horrors of addiction and co-dependency.

One way or another we are all touched by addiction in our lives. 

That’s why we are reaching out to you to help with the funding of this project.

It is SPECIFICALLY for people who want to help addicts to recovery and treatment, so that their lives and the lives of their children, spouses and loved ones can also become healthy and loving.

To help them step out of the pain.

Ready to donate and help ? Then you are on the right page. Skip straight to donations at the bottom of the page.

We are hoping to reach our budget with as few donors as possible.

We offer our donors the opportunity to be mentioned in the book – as patrons of making this healing available to men and women all around the world.

Are you a fellow recovering addict or co-dependent? Then this is also your chance to tell your own story in our book.

The greatest reward is to pass on insights that can help other people get out of misery.

Why us?

Lucy Vittrup
CEO, Founder of Erogy, Author and High Performance Coach
Recovering Co-dependent daughter and life partner 

For over a decade Lucy has coached hosts and talents on leading television shows as well as global leaders from a variety of industries.

She is a public speaker, teacher and coach and is a highly read writer on the largest online newspaper in Denmark,

Lucy pioneered with introducing personal coaching to the Danish national television and has published  the book 'Erogi – Gør din seksualitet til din personlige styrke' .

Lucy has a MA degree from Copenhagen University in Cultural Studies, is a psychotherapist and coach from London. She is trained in Positive Psychology Coaching, Cognitive Coaching among others.

Overcoming co-dependecy saved Lucy's life. It turned self-destructive behaviour into a giving, higher purpose driven career, that has positively contributed to hundreds of thousand of lives. 

Helene Chantal Philipsen
Founder, CEO of mei-mei creative, Business Development Agency. 
Recovering addict , mother and stepmother of 3 Teens.

Univeristy degree in Psychology.

Diplomas in Human Ressource management, mMdiation and Communication.

Overcoming addiction helped Helene lose 130 pounds and reclaim her life in every possible sense of the words.

Detailed information on products 

Addiction / Dependency
Love(and emotional abuse)
Money & Over-spending

Adults, pre-teens and teens living in codependency

Product 1 – Book. Both digital and printed
Product 2 – Online course
Product 3 – Online course with interaction
Product 4 – Mentoring E-Book / Physical Book

365 Texts for daily reflection

12 short chapters inspired by the Twelve-Steps Program, considered the most efficient recovery program of its kind worldwide for victims of addiction.

Online Course – 6 weeks
Weekly text + Weekly exercise + Weekly audio.
Wednesday guided meditation audio.

Online Course – 8 weeks
Monday, Wednesday and Friday text + exercises.
Closed Facebook group for weekly feedback.
Weekly LIVE online group call Monday, Wednesday and Friday guided meditations.

Mentoring programme for 12 weeks
Monday, Wednesday and Friday exercises.
Weekend texts.
Weekly feedback.
Closed Facebook group.
Weekly LIVE sessions online Monday, Wednesday and Friday Guided meditations.


Organized by

Helene Chantal Friis Philipsen

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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