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dan kelley's Fundraiser:

Send Jackie to Star Wars FOR CHARITY!!

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BENEFITING: Inter-Faith Council for Social Service


EVENT DATE: Dec 17, 2015

dan kelley


Andy Morrison wrote -

My wife, Jackie, agreed to attend the opening showing of Star Wars Episode VII in Princess Leia's snow gear from the ice planet Hoth if I could raise awareness and $500 for IFC and HomeStart.

Since meeting this goal, Jackie has now agreed to additionally attend a public viewing of the original Star Wars trilogy in costume.  While this won't be as formal an event as the Episode VII premier, it WILL be an opportunity for any of our local friends to join us in a very public venue and help Jackie celebrate the liberation from her own rigid lack of humor and imagination.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, and please read on to learn more!


UPDATE (11/5):

In less than four days, and with the help of a number of generous people, I was able to raise $625 and ensure that Jackie would spend her virgin costumed Star Wars theatrical experience among virgins of a different, more awkward kind.

In light of this success, and with full knowledge that there are many other people out there willing to pay good money to see her push the limits of her inexplicably limited comfort zone, Jackie has agreed to go a step further with the campaign.  If I can meet a "stretch goal" of $1000 dollars, Jackie has now agreed to attend a public viewing of the original Star Wars trilogy in costume as well.

While the details of the event are to be determined, one thing is for sure: it will be open to any of Jackie's friends who would like to join her.  Either out of empathy for her or, in what is easily the more likely scenario, out of the desire to point and laugh.

Additionally, and through a lack of better judgment that I can only ascribe to a stroke of some sort, Jackie has agreed to wear two additional costumes over the course of these events if the campaign meets an additional stretch goal of $2000.  Although she hasn't explicitly said it, I imagine this will be accompanied by me in Jedi garb, if only so she can borrow the robe . .

So there you have it.  Thank you for reading this far, and if this is your first time to this page, continue reading below for further information on HomeStart, the IFC, and the beginning of Jackie's descent into madness.


Some Background:

My incredibly compassionate wife, Jackie, volunteers weekly at the IFC HomeStart in Chapel Hill, NC. HomeStart is a shelter run by the locally-based Inter-Faith Council for Social Service and provides a safe, structured home for homeless women and children, helping them to access community resources while offering everyone on-going support to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Volunteering at HomeStart is something Jackie has done every week, pretty much like clockwork, for over five years.

I am a SciFi fan, and managed to snag tickets to opening night for Star Wars Episode VII. Unfortunately, this will fall on the same night of the week that Jackie is scheduled to volunteer. For anyone who knows Jackie, you'll understand what a problem this poses for her incredibly strict scheduling, not to mention that it stands to keep her out late on a school night!

You see, in addition to being an amazing, beautiful, and compassionate woman, Jackie is also one of the most practical and unimaginative people you will meet. Like Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, the idea of being around a bunch of costumed Star Wars fans at the local premier of the new movie is almost repulsive to her.  Even worse if it 'requires' her to be in costume as well.  Thus, the fundraiser.

Maybe you like the idea of making Jackie uncomfortable at another seemingly benign aspect of humanity.  Maybe you're astounded at the fact that she would otherwise pass up the opportunity to see the opening showing of Star Wars (on IMAX, no less!).  Or maybe you're just the type of person that likes to help people in need.  Regardless of why, I hope you consider donating and sharing this with others who might donate too.

May the Force be with you!

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