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President Eisenhower believed that children are "our most important national resource." Having just graduated from high school, I am now having to face the numerous decisions concerning my future and what I will make of myself and I truey believe in Eisenhower's statement.

My name is Laura Clark and I have just graduated early from a small rural high school. I have been given the amazing opportunity to travel abroad through the People to People Ambassador Programs. The program started with President Dwight D. Eisenhower's proposal of a peaceful solution for a war-ravaged world. The People to People Ambassador Programs continue Eisenhower's mission, to this day, by breaking down cultural barriers by providing short-term travel opportunities with the personal, behind-the-scenes access that he envisioned. But amazing opportunities do not come with small price tags, so I am using this semester off to work and fundraise the considerable expenses.

The People to People Ambassador Programs are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for students through the combination of travel and education. Through the program, I will have the opportunity to meet with world leaders, interact directly with experts and firsthand witnesses to history, take part in service projects, and through all of this, gain the cultural intelligence that universities look for.

At this point in my life, I am beginning to realize the impact I could have, given the opportunity. I think that that was what Eisenhower was implying about children. We will be the leaders someday, so the education and experiences we recieve while we are still young is, a huge part of our formation. That is why I am taking this time to ask for donations to help cover the bill so that I may take part in some incredible growth experiences to help reach my full potential.



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