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Ellen Atkinson's Fundraiser:

Banquet in the Dark- Help Light The Night

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I heard about this project while at a world leadership conference (HOBY: Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership) in Chicago this past summer! I met two volunteer representatives of the organization Help Light The Night, which was formed under Affirm Global Development just a couple years ago. I was immediatly touched by the mission and its results. I knew immediately that I wanted to continue the project's mission here in Grand Junction and send support to Kenya.

The project centers around the idea of decreasing developing country's dependence on kerosene as a source of light.

Kerosene is costly, consuming up to 30% of the average Kenyan's wages. This indoor air polution kills more people than malaria, AIDS and measles combined and is the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

Our funds go towards buying compact solar lights for Kenyan entreprenuers, so that they may start a grassroots buisness within their community as well as sell the lights to those in need locally. These lights mean a termination of the need for kerosene.

These solar lights are $20 each. This upfront cost is very expensive for the average African income (about 2 months wages) but the long term savings are drastic. That is why we need YOUR HELP.

The lights are guarenteed to last at least six years. They simply charge in the sun during the day and the resulting lights lasts for up to 10 hours before a nessesary "recharge".

For a further look into this international project and the Help Light The Night organization, i have inserted the following web address. Just copy and paste into your browser and it should come up!

http://www.wix.com/skylerrogers/lightthenight (or you may also simply enter helpltn.org). The video at the bottom right on the home page is short, informative, and powerful; I highly recommend watching it.

FUNDRAISER! ( Our Solution)

A valleywide group of students in our valley are comming together to raise money for these lights. We will be selling tickets for a Banquet in the Dark in Februrary. All of the proceeds from the tickets will go to buying these lights. During the banquet we will auction off aditional lights and raise more awareness about the electrical needs of the developing world!

Online donations are wonderful too, but if you live here in the valley of Grand Junction, Colorado, we would love to have you participate. Check in with us for updates!



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