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Help me and my family to get over this

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Hello there, I'm a kid in a world of adults and I'm making this fundraiser for my family. We've left our country for a better living and unfortunately, we chose the wrong country. We're here for 5 years and we helped a lot of people. My parents are some really honest and helpful persons, if you get to know them, you'd be impressed. They can be the definition of ideal couple, they are married for a long time and every time they had a chance to help someone, they did that. But, things changed, my parents had to leave their workplace because they were abused by their boss, asking always for more work from their side (they are really good at anything!) and they arrived at a point when they worked 7 days per week, all months, for years. The only rest time was from 6 PM but they were tired enough to not be able to do anything just sleep. Since they left the work, we accused the company for money, however, it seems everywhere we go there is no one who will help us or who is not corrupted. Now we are here, with a debt of $10,000 to a bank and $3000 to an old woman (who helped us and gave us money every time for food and so on) and we are struggling with bills, rents, food, school (they don't want me to give up school) and many others. My mom is a really good chef and often she makes cakes for other people for some bucks. However, she is paid only for 1/4 of cases and the rest are only "words" and not real things. My dad is working as a gardener making around $550 per month, from which we need to pay the rent, food, education and bills. He couldn't find something else because of our nationality and people really treat us without respect. It's like we were meant to work for them without asking anything back. So I would like to earn some money in order to finally arrive at a point where we won't have debts so big. Donate $1 and I appreciate it, donate $10 and I appreciate it. Just participate, and I will appreciate it. I will do the same when I can, at the moment, I'm just a kid. Can't do anything. Thank you.



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