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Help me become a Nurse

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I must express my gratitude first for this avenue and for your audience to my plea.
I served in the US Air Force for 4 months shy of 10 years from 2003 to 2013, and during this time I tried to live frugally and responsibly, and saving as much as I could put away for my future plans of advancement.
Unfortunately my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and she fought tooth and nail to beat it and luckily enough she did. She overcame this fight at a huge cost; she lived in Africa and had no health insurance, and we had to transport her to india a number of times for the surgery to remove the tumors and it cost us everything including all of my savings, but i was glad to have paid that much to still have her around.
She fell sick again last year, and this time, no one had the type of funds needed to fend it off again, and we lost her as a result. we had to borrow for the funeral and I still don't know how we can pay the debt back without a job. My husband on the other hand had to return home because it made no sense him being here and unable to get a sustainable job while he (being the oldest) can take care of mom himself.
This loss and a number of others have driven me to this burning desire to become a nurse (or even a Doctor much later).
I really want to play a direct role in caring for the people that need this help. I could not imagine what my mother-in-law was going through and the type of pain she was dealing with in her final weeks and days. My last discussion with her ended with her saying that she was too tired to talk, and I could hear the weakness in her voice. This was the day before she couldn't talk anymore.
I am in a lot of debt right now as a result and currently unemployed as well, and my fundraising goal here does not include my debts as I would love to pay those back as soon as I get a job if the banks will be willing to work with me.
Before she became sick, I started using my GI bill for my academic degree in preparation for my exit from the service and I exhausted my benefits there. I was unable to finish up with that program, but thankfully I got enough to satisfy the academic prerequisites for the programs I have applied to.
My honest plea here is for your kind and heartfelt generous assistance to raise the funds for my education. I truly need your help, I do not know what else to do, or where else to go.
Please, Please, help me!



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