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I came across an event and it changed my life and my thinking towards the very common issue that we all see around. I am a fresh graduate with hand to mouth earning per mouth which is not enough for the restoration of life for those millions kids who we see begging on the road and God know what they are going through everyday. I recently shared a story of girl I saved for being raped and I posted the story on social media and called for help. Many humanistic people around the world contacted me regarding the issue and we finally came to a conclusion which is given below. Empowering Center What I believe is that if we build a place where these kids either orphans or forced beggars or helpless people can come and live. We will provide them food, education and will teach them skills like computer, graphic designing, web development or handicraft etc. What we found out: After digging around we found out that most of these kids are owned by some powerful mafia who are using these kids for their benefits. They use them to beg and collect money from them at the end of the day. The girls either end up prostitute of some other shameless activities which one cant imagine. Second finding was that even if you provide these kid education or food they will not stay with you because there mental growth has been a bit different and they again go to the dirt because they make money there. So the important point here to empower them with skills that can help them earn money which their family can use. How it will be done: We have so many students from well know universities willing to join the cause and they can render up to 10 hours a week so we can set up a place where these kid will get education, food and most importantly we will teach them skills which can be used to make money in the empowering center. For example if we teach these kids things like making handicrafts, Designing etc. These are kids with sharp minds so we can teach them anything we want and we can make money out of it which can be greatly used for the welfare of the organization and their family. There are uncountable kids who have nothing to eat, nothing to wear and most of them are barefooted walking on roads picking dirt from garbage. Most of them ages between 8-13 and the older are then used for other purpose. I want to share below the story which changed my life and made a permanent connection with these kids but right now I want help from rest of the world to help these kids and to help humanity. Even if you pay us $1 that will collectively bring a lot of change in their lives. Read below the story: "I WANT ALL OF YOU TO PLEASE READ IT FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY ONCE. What I saw today has left me sleepless and I have been shaken TO THE WORST and this thought of deprivation has made me hell disappointed from the country we are living in the a the religion we are following and life we are living. I was working all night yesterday and was going to get something to eat. I was on my bike and the road was totally empty. I saw two men chasing a young girl. The girl would be hardly 12-13 years old. I get off the bike and start chasing them to see what the hell is going on actually. From dressing I was sure that the guys were ordinary and were not armed. There was an empty building right besides university road near mosmiat and when I take a left I saw the two guys on top of a little girl and one of them was holding her legs. They saw me and ran away. I saw the girl crying and I thought to better investigate what actually was going on rather chasing the guys. when I ask the kid she said they were asking her to take her cloths off and were saying that they gonna give her new dress :( :( :(. I looked at the kid and I was thinking about the society we are living in. The so called " ISLAMIC" society we talk about every single day. The little girl said that she collects plastic bottles everyday and sell them at the end of the day.She was early there to pic more before other comes. I was so helpless. All I had was 500 rupees at that time. I took her for breakfast and gave her all I had. But that's not enough to erase the memory. The girl said she along with her 3 siblings without a father, lives near Kamran Chorangi in the slums. Today I appeal to all my friends, relative, humanistic people, NGOS, and other magnanimous organizations to please look into the future of these kids. If we all take the responsibility of one child then we can make the world a little better. I dont expect anything from the Govt to be honest and I am so so so disappointed. If you really want to help these childrens for their education, health and survival then please join my hand. We can start something for them. Think about if all the students from each university donate their one time lunch ( money ) once in a week then we can still make a good amount of money to make life better for at least 2 children. There are millions other ways. what we need is to just give it a thought and stop neglecting the harsh reality of life we are seeing everyday. we only feel something when its personal otherwise we have stopped reminding the one soul concept that our religion taught us. Please inbox me your ideas, your thoughts to help these kids. think about your own family member suffering like that everyday and think about your own sister or brother to go pic something from that dirt for survival." Please help humanity. #humanity #childlabor #poverty #begger #childabuse



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