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Help me get away from unhealthy living situation

Organized by: Sherry Hull

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Sherry Hull via Crowdrise
December 01, 2015

I went to the doctor yesterday, he is referring me to a lung specialist in San Francisco, 272 miles away because there isn't one locally. See More


UPDATE 1/21/16

The test results showed I have a lung condition which inhibits my intake of air. My breathing is getting worse and I now must use an inhaler many times a day. My doctor says I must get this special test to see exactly what is causing my condition. So that means a 272 mile trip to UCSF because that is the closest place that can do the test. 

The Short Story:

My name is SHERRY and I am having health related issues from living in mold infested Humboldt County. I am dealing with lung issues as a result. My only hope is to move away.  Due to limited resources, I have no choice but to ask for help. Will you please help save my life? As my doctor says it could KILL meif I stay here.

The Longer more detailed story:

My name is Sherry, I'm 62, disabled living on Supplemental Security Income and Social Security. I live in Eureka, Humboldt County, northern CA. After working 35+ years I became disabled. I had emergency heart surgery after Staph Infection attached my heart causing Bacterial Meningitis. Destroying the Aortic Valve, causing Endocarditis. The doctors tell me I will have health issues for the rest of my life. I'm 62 I feel 75.

I fight everyday to breath, eat or even drink water without choking, living with mucus, unable to breathe, gagging and choking  everyday. I wear a mask to be in my apartment, most days it's all day long. At this rate, in this climate, I will be in a Rest Home before my time.

The older I get the faster my health declines because of the MOLD, COLD, TREES AND CONSTANT WET. Faster than it should. Because of my health issues this climate effects me more.

Each year since I moved here my health is worse. I'm sick more often than the year before. Allergies, trouble breathing and coughing are a daily ordeal with the mold, dampness and all the redwood trees. I use an inhaler daily to breath. I wake at night with coughing, mucus, sinus congested, trouble breathing. Never had these problem before moving here to Humboldt.

A few years ago after a major car accident I tried admitting myself into Semper Virons Hospital. Instead they had me see a counselor. I told her everything and why I was suicidial. She said I was suffering from PTSD. Which explained a lot of why I was feeling the way I was. After years of living through it on a daily basis I got "use to" living with it. As much as a person can get use to it.

But when stress gets bad enough PTSD comes back in full force. I sleep for days, awake for days, can't set still, veg all day, etc. Thoughts of giving up get worse. I tell you this because it is become part of my daily life once again with the long frustrating weeks of still living in the unhealthy situation and not being able to just move away for my health.

PTSD is not a choice. It is somethng I have to live with for the rest of my life. It gets so bad I don't know what to do about anything. Or wonder why I should even try. I am confident that becuase of where I live the PTSD is worse and flares up more because I'm stressed all the time. 

I must find a way to get to better climate for my health, before I end up in a Rest Home too soon. I have lived in a Section 8 apartment since 2011. Being on Section 8 since 2011 I'm allowed to move anywhere in the country (portability) with my voucher and they are suppose to take over the Section 8 part of my rent (absorbing). I have found a few counties/cities that will absorb my voucher. Not all will.

Another part of Section 8 is they won't help with moving costs, apartment deposits, first months rent, utility deposits, nothing. Not until I'm in an apartment that they have approved. Then they pay part of the rent each month. I pay everything else. Since I can't work anymore, due to my disabilities I'm living on SSI/SS.

I can't save money to make this move happen because the money always goes to shelter, food, meds and gas. I need funds for the trip: fix my car so it will make the drive, gas, food, moving costs, deposits, 1st months rent, utilities/deposits. I know there are things I haven't thought of and must figure out. But what my counselor at TriCounty Independent Living and I figured out I need at least $6,000. Baring unforseen events. 

I know I must do this for my health and life. "I'm too young to feel this old or to die this young." Thank you for reading and any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Sherry



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Sherry Hull

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