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Help Me Help My Bipolar Husband

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We are asking for assistance in helping us buy a pre-owned A Class RV to be used as a primary residence. My husband is sick, and he can no longer work in the industry he is in. But, we fear that if he takes the pay cut leaving his job would incur, we may not have a home.
My husband, Nathan, has recently been diagnosed severely bipolar. He has mixed bipolar disorder, which means that the essential mood stabilizing chemicals in his brain are constantly realigning, making it extremely difficult for Nathan to properly function. Nathan also suffers from alcoholism, a common side effect of bipolar disorder. Since his diagnosis, he has tried a variety of medications to no avail. The medications have only worsened his condition. His doctors are teaching him coping mechanisms, but the road is a long and difficult one.
Nathan has been employed in the fine dining industry for many years. Very recently, his doctors informed him that the chaotic environment, high stress work place, and proximity to alcohol are greatly exacerbating his bipolar disorder and causing him to self-medicate with alcohol. The industry that Nathan currently works in is the worst scenario for someone suffering from mixed bipolar disorder. His doctors have asked him to leave the food service industry for good, in order to place himself in an environment more conducive to his mental health.
Although we are both employed full time, we barely meet the needs of ourselves, and our two children, Braeden and Olivia, let alone the cost of therapists, psychiatrists, etc… that Nathan requires. We certainly do not have money put aside for a career change that will invariably also mean a drastic pay cut. Nathan has remained in the service industry because we do not have the means to get him out while continuing to provide for our family.
Our solution to this problem is to buy a pre-owned A- Class RV and use it as our primary residence. We have friends and family that will let us park on their property so there is no cost to maintain the residence. Once we have eliminated the constant strain of the ever looming cost of rent, and the additional bills associated with maintaining the space of an apartment, we will have the monetary freedom to find Nathan a new career in a field that will not be so very harmful to him. He will have the ability to move to a lesser paying job and go back to school, without us having to worry about keeping a roof over Braeden and Olivia’s heads. Many people across the nation are successfully using RV’s as mobile residences and we feel that this is absolutely the solution for our family.
Without savings or the income necessary to put money aside, we cannot afford the cost of a pre-owned RV. That is why we are asking for help. Please help us put Nathan in an environment that will help his bipolar disorder from spiraling further out of control. Please help us obtain an RV so that Nathan can change his life for the betterment of us all. Thank you- Tami McCann.



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