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My Name is Brittany, I am a current college student studying Entertainment/ Media Business Degree Holding a 3.0 GPA. Im Looking for help to Restore my home. Due to a rental tenant destroying it completely. This is the home that I grew up in and the home that hope to share with my nieces and nephews and future kids.

The Tenant had been in the home since, I graduated from Highschool. When My father rented the home due to me leaving for College. The Tenant had been a good tenant up until my Father fell ill the past few years with having a pacemaker and cancer removal surgery and was not able to stay on the tenant. My Father kept giving the tenant chance after chance because of Her situations and the fact that she had Children and did not want to remove a roof from over their heads. But in return the tenant stop paying the rent. Because of the lack of payment the Judge finally order the tenant vacate the Home. Upon court the tenant never showed up to turn over the keys and we had to have a company come out and remove the locks off the front door. Upon entering the home we found damages to the complete inner structure of the home. Main level and level below was complete soaked and cover in Black mold and spears every where due to a broken pipe. After complete walk through we were in shock of the damages done to our home and disbelief that they had destroyed our once beautiful home, and left it in pieces with out a care in the world.

The Home was still in brand New Condition, Fully furnished with all appliances when the tenant moved in. The Tenant and her family managed to Break and appliances as well as burn into the counter tops. Ripped out ceiling fan and light fixtures Which has cause a electrical problem in the house but can not seem to see where it is starting from so I have to have a company come out to do a complete inspection.

The Insurance Company Denied our claims because they do not no how long the damage has been there because the tenant did not inform them of the broken pipe in a timely fashion. Which in the insurance company eyes could have avoided the damages that was caused. Due the damages all flooring and majority of the walls and cabinets had to be ripped out of the home. So the bare sub flooring of the home is what is showing but i have it covered with plastic so that I may walk around in the areas.

Due to my father's health conditions he's unable to help with any of the work on the home. So, I had to leave my apartment to take over the home. I have made one of the rooms livable for me while I work on other pieces of the house on my off days in between classes, But due to recent lay off at my job, I have not been able to buy any of the materials needed to get the home back in living conditions to pass inspection.

All funds donated will be used to purchase Building supplies and to seek outside contract services of Items that I can not do the work on my own. I will accept donations or Gift cards to Home Depot or Lowe's. Every Bit helps no matter how small or big it Helps me get my Home back before they Code it. All I want is to get my home back. Thank you in Advance for all you Support and Prayers!



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