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Help Me Start to Take care of my family and impact the world

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Hello everyone, My name is Amani Phipps. I'm a 19 year old Business management major from Coastal Carolina University. I truly do love people and I dream to Make a huge impact on the world someday. The photo above is my Amazing Mother and My Little brother who I love dearly. You will see myself and my other brothers as you scroll down. THE STORY Ever since I have been a child I've watched my mother work endlessly to ensure that myself and my 3 brothers at the time were taken care of. My mother came from oversees and when she made it to America she had nothing. She had myself and my two other brothers 3 years apart and she worked tirelessly in the military to move up and ensure we were taken care of. I never noticed the amount of stress she must have actually gone through and I'm sad I didn't appreciate it at the time. I now truly commend mothers who do everything to ensure their children are taken care of and I believe they deserve the world. At a young age watching her I learned that I wanted to do something big but I wanted freedom to do what I want when I wanted to. I've also always been a passionate person about people. As a younger teen I got the oppurtunity to counsel other teens and assist them in a social media group called elite. Teens from across the world began to come to me and ask me for advice. I remember specifically one situation. A girl actually messaged me as I was waiting for my bus my sophomore year of high school ,and stated that her friend was having an issue with suicide and asked if I could speak with him. I gladly did and although he was hesitant after conversations and multiple check ins he actually changed his mindset and got away from the thoughts of wanting to harm himself. This truly filled me with joy and I knew I really loved people and I began getting this warm feeling from making people happy. Eventually my love for business came in and before college started I knew I was going to be an entrepreneur that would someday truly impact the world. WHY TO GIVE You investing in this project is you investing in the future of a man who will impact the world. Of a man who wants the ability to give back to his family and to assist others in developing to give back to theirs as well. Recently I realized I was tired with where I was in life and I knew that if I really wanted to change the world I would have to implement change in my life. I came to Florida this weekend and had the oppurtunity to work with The Shark Tank Legend Daymond John's Team. I had to spend over $2000 to get here and I now need to come up with $43,000 to take things to the next level. With this money I will have the oppurtunity to work with Daymond Johns himself and actually start my company. A full list of all involved activities and programs is attached below. My dream is to impact the world and it's something I will do through my company C-More Technology. I will provide products that minimize the time it takes for people to accomplish everyday tasks and Maximize the time people have to enjoy what really matters in life. As we all know Life is Precious and so is Time. It's the one thing Money Can't buy and that we can never get back. My company will provide solutions to create a new and unique experience that saves people time they can never get back. Our most important asset is our time as it's worth more than millions of dollars. If your invested your time in reading this I'm truly appreciative and all I ask is your help in funding this oppurtunity for me. I want to give back to the world that's blessed me and I want the oppurtunity to bless others in this world. Future Goals I want to ensure my mother never works another day in her life and that my little brother , my elder brothers, and my nieces are well off and taken care of. I will have a well established company that will focus on providing oppurtunities for their users to see more of the life that they live while also sending certain users on vacations to experience the world. I want to focus on CSR and how I can contribute to the economy and the community across the globe. I want to leave a legacy and make a long lasting impact. CLOSING Family is everything! And you have a limited time with them. Help me become successful and help me give back to not only my family, but also the world.



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