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Help Me Survive Until Disability Accepts Me

Organized by: Reno Classified

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Disability is a tricky thing. Generally it takes 2 YEARS of fighting with your state for them to accept you. No legs? 2 years wait. Seizures? 2 years wait. It doesn't matter to them. You're waiting and you're gonna thank them for the privilege.
I'm sure you're asking yourself "Well what's wrong with this person? How do I know they're not just lazy and want my money?" and this is where I tell you. I'm not as bad off as some people. Thankfully I have all my limbs, digits and most of my sanity. What I also have is a herniated disk that loves to pinch my leg nerves.
I was involved in two car accidents that weren't my fault. Both times I was rear ended and both times I gave plenty of room for the person behind me to stop. The 2nd time the car went into my lane while I was at a stop to turn and "mysteriously" slammed into me.
Before the car accidents I had an amazing job as a security guard at a high end business in the city. I was making over $15/hr and the overtime was plentiful. I had been in the security business for over 5 years and had been a supervisor in the past at another company. I had my ducks lined up and I was working my way to the top in my current company.
Then the first accident happened. I was hurting. Oh god I was hurting. Anyone that's been slammed into at 40 mph at a dead stop knows what I mean. The car was hit so hard I smashed my head against the hard plastic bits in front of AND behind me. it was so bad I couldn't remember names or anything for an hour. The impact from the accident caused the disk in my l4-l5 vertebrae to bulge. But nothing was going to stop me from that promotion at work. I went to work and tried to ignore the bouts of dizziness and nausea that came and went from double whiplash. I made the mistake of looking up to long and nearly passed out one day. I didn't care. I wanted to prove that I was a great employee. I was limping but I was working.
The second accident was where everything went to hell.
My back was worse. So much worse. My disk was herniated. I could barely walk and was heavily relying on a cane. The herniated disk came with a special complication: When it becomes inflamed it presses into the nerves in my legs. This causes sciatic pain in my left and right legs but more importantly it causes my left leg to completely drop out from under me without warning. In the last 10 months I have fallen more then I care to admit. My legs are covered with bruises and I can say with confidence that I am an expert at falling down a flight of stairs. This is with a cane.
My job told me I would have to abandon my cane if I wanted to continue working there. My physical therapist said I will most likely always need a cane. I was hoping for a miracle. But none came.
I am in constant pain, cane bound, can not sit for more then 15 minutes without shooting pain, can not stand for more then 15 minutes without shooting pain and I still run the risk of falling randomly.
It has been several months and I received my first answer from disability: they believe I can still work my old job in security.
Any security company will tell you this is impossible. Not only do you need to be able to stand for 8 hours without sitting, crouching or bending but you can not have a cane. Plus upstairs, downstairs and perimeter checks. It's not a job where you want your leg to give out on you, in some instances that may be fatal.
So I must now continue my fight but now with a lawyer. This will be step 2 of 20 and there's still a long road ahead.

If you're disabled obviously you can't work. By my states standards you can't make a 'substantial earning' of about 1k a month. According to my state a liveable amount is roughly 12k a year: well below the poverty level. Even with an income threshhold so low I can't work that long. Other then security, my skills really don't apply anywhere else and no one will hire me with all the fidgeting I do to stay semi comfortable. With my leg the way it is I'm a workers comp claim waiting to happen, I cant drive due to my 2d vision (believe it or not a lot of jobs require a drivers license) And I can't stand for the hours most jobs require. I could be a wal-mart greeter but I'm sure a senior will beat me up for it.
I've been trying my best to gather funds. My wife is supporting the both of us but with only her income we're behind each month. This month I need to make $300 somehow.
There's a variety of ways I have been trying to make money. I've sold art, plasma, crafts, had yardsales and sold at swapmeets. Each time I made barely what I spent not counting one swapmeet trip where I was $20 NEGATIVE at the end of the day. Plasma can be donated twice weekly assuming you have no bruises and you'll receive $25 the first time and $35 the second. Each donation place only serves the area it's in and if you play your cards right you can make about $240 a month.
The donation center by my house happens to have all the new techs. The last time I went took 6 HOURS, two needle jabs, tons of needle wiggling and an ENTIRE MONTH to heal (the tech shredded my vein by ramming through both sides on the initial poke and then wiggling it in and out of the vein for about 20 minutes before shrugging, putting me on the slowest setting and saying "fuck it, good enough")
That month I literally made $25. ugh.
This isn't working and I don't know what to do. All I can do at this point is ask for help from you.
I know I qualify for disability, anything that causes your legs to not function normally, and therefore would interfere with a job (can you imagine going to get coffee and hitting the floor? At a grocery store people run up to you asking if you're ok, I'd imagine you'd get a few 911 calls at work) and your leg randomly helping you to meet your new friend Mr. Floor definitely interferes so It's literally a matter of waiting for the state to agree that I can't work.
In the initial letter their reply stated that my injury does interfere with working but they believe I can work my security job. Half the battle is getting them to agree my injury causes issues and they agreed without hesitation. I don't think the doctor put notes saying I am cane bound and that is why they believe I can continue my old job. I'm sure that if they knew they would also know you can't use a can in a mainly standing/walking job. Also the whole standing and walking thing. It takes me 30 minutes to walk a street block. Not around the block, down the street. Who the hell would hire me to walk anything anywhere? I've applied for jobs (seasonal, a few hours) but so far (surprisingly) I haven't received any call backs.
Anyway I just need funds for the next few months until disability accepts me. I'm at my wits end and am seriously considering whoring myself out.
Please don't make my whore myself out. Could you please donate? Even a dollar would be amazing and everything helps.
As payment I would be more then willing to draw anything you want. :3
Message my facebook and I'll be more then happy to make you your requested art.



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