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Organized by: Kim Miller

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To whom it may concern please take a minute to read my story and help me with funds for representation and legal fees can help me get out and looked at.My name is Lewis Brooks i am in prison with a sentence of 6 to 12 years by judge Nichols in Courtroom 701 at the Criminal Justice Center for a crime of self defense as i know it is and by the time i finish you will see also. The charge was Aggravated Assault and Possession of Instrument of Crime.It all turned around and i who have been a family man and a man who had been Rehabilitated and reformed and Drug Free for 25 years.A rock in my family and Community. The person who i was against who's name is Kieth Johnson a known drug dealer in the Community. A person who infects our neighborhood with crime,poison,and violence and the judge and District Attorney turned my case around and didn't care that this man was stalking me and my now ex wife and placing fear in my life because he had in his mind that he wanted my now ex wife and he came close to hurting or killing me and was determined to get me out of the way. The crazy part is he believed she was his girlfriend. As time went on he made it more personal after me as long as my now ex wife is ignoring him.It started around October 2010 me and my ex-girlfriend from years ago ran into each other and started dating again about two weeks later we were married Islamically because i am a Muslim. Around this time Keith Johnson came home from prison and found out that we were together again and married an from that day it began. He started calling her phone saying all kinds of things and bad names about me. When he seen that we continued to be happy he started popping up places where we was at. I never thought or looked at it like nothing but just a coincidence. It seemed like now every other month things was happening like my car windows being broken out my tires flat my car get a dent in it or been scratched. Me and him exchange some words over the phone because but i couldn't prove that it was him doing this stuff but i lived on my block for 30 years or more and never inherited these problems. We all live and grew up in this area of Southwest Philly about 8 blocks radius.As i wrote earlier about every other month something was happening. I started going to school for Pharmacy Technician in 2011 and we even moved to South Philly and it stopped for a minute but soon as i was getting comfortable he pops up again and started the same harassment but now he turned it up a little. He started following us in different vehicles and he would call on the phone and let us no where we were at and which way we was going. I started calling my Muslim Brothers to set up a meeting with him and people who know him with our Imam.he said that he would sit with us and the Imam(Sorry let me go back a little in 2011 of April me and my ex wife Traci went to get married Thru the State an got our license from City Hall. now he never showed up but people in our neighborhood knew that me and Traci got married so he began telling people that it couldn't be true because him and Traci was married which wasn't never true. Now we coming into 2012 and I'm doing my internship for school an i come out one day for lunch and its a truck coming trying to run me off the road it goes around me and stop then he jumps out and tell me that he's going to kill me so i go around him and drive to my mother house. I no why didn't i call the Police then.Now this has been going on for a year and a half. But living the code of the streets i didn't ever call the police,and I'm paying for it now so now the next incident comes where he comes to a car garage where i get my car fixed at and he comes up and points a gun at me an chases me around a car threatening me and leaves but this day i do call the police and all they did was take a report and give me a MC# for the report after this we see Keith two more times before the incident in which i was charge.well I'm done braked down the events as short as i can on paper.Now lets go to September 5,2012 me and my ex wife goes to pick up paperwork from her sister job an we drop her sister off on her block where she lives,we didn't see Keith but he saw us. We went around the corner to the store my wife gets out to go in the store and a white truck pulls up behind me but i didn't see it pull up nor see Keith get out next thing he pulls on the door handle to open the door but it was locked he then say I'm always around now I'm going to kill you he put his hands near his belt an i thought he had a gun so i put the car in drive an he runs to the the truck and starts trying to run me off the road after i turn the corner it just happen that now my sister in law was going back to work and she seen him trying to get in my car and banging on it from the i turned down the little block an his still behind me so i turned on the next street he's still behind me but just like before he goes around me and jump out of his car again it looks like he's reaching for something i believe it to be a gun so i put my head down and tried to go around him and i heard a thump an another thump while still driving then i looked in my rearview mirror and i see him lying on the ground,but i didn't mean to hit him so i go back around the corner to the store where i left my wife and then went to the police station to tell them what just happen.They detained me for a couple hours and then charge me with attempt murder,AGG assault. They give me a bail of 500.00 so i obtained a Lawyer Lewis Smalls ESQ. He got bail to 15,000 and my family bailed me out. I go to count 3 months later we go to trail and the Judge allowed the District Attorney to paint me as i am just a violent person who just ran this man over for no reason at all.The Judge wouldn't allow my Lawyer to present the case as it started and didn't want me or my witnesses to speak about how it lead up to the day of the incident. The only thing that we was allow to present was what happen the day of the incident. Kieth gave three different accounts of what happened. His credibility couldn't be question as why he has three different stories as to what happened, He basically got to make himself look like i just did this to him and he did nothing.Please i hope and pray that i can get enough funds to obtain fair Representation under the 14th Amendment. I'm trying to appeal my Trial and sentences but if like to read my Preliminary Hearing Trail Transcript and sentence Transcript you will see how unfair it was even the Illegal sentence. You can also right me. Lewis Brooks LP5335 SCI Fayette Prison P.O.BOX 9999 Labelle Pa 15450 Here is my case # MC-51-CR-0036240 CP-51-C4-0014184 Criminal Justice Center .COM 1301 FIlBERT STREET. THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO READ THIS LEWIS BROOKS


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Kim Miller

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