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July 01, 2011

This is Mowgli. He came to the shelter as an owner turn-in, suffered a nasty bout of parvo and is recovering but needs help!  See more


EVENT DATE: Jun 30, 2011


Mike Sigmon


Helping Mowgli get nursed back to health and find a furever home.

This is Mowgli. He came to the shelter as an owner turn-in. In this young guys life, someone decided they did not want him, and left him at our shelter. Mowgli settled in, but was scared for the first 2 days. These pictures were shot on day 4 of his stay, the day before he was found laying in his kennel in a puddle of his own vomit. I took Mowgli home that night, and confirmed he had parvo. From Saturday until Wednesday, Mowglie vomitted every time he attempted to eat, and often, in between eating. He had violent blood loss, more than I have ever seen with any parvo puppy in the past. I put him on Vit B complex, gave him garlic/molasses/herbs/gatorade cocktails (yuck), and pumped fluids in through the skin, orally, and via enimas. Finally, on Thursday, he ate a little and kept it down. Slowly, he stopped bleeding and started mending. He is the strongest puppy I have ever nursed through parvo before. He had no business surviving this viral onslaught, and yet, he is here, mending, and becoming a puppy again. As I write this, I can hear him barking at his roomate, the kitty with the burns on her belly (who has also recovered fully, and is waiting, no longer patiently due to Mowgli, for her new home!)


Mowgli is perhaps a cross of rhodesian/shepard/possibly great dane and definite horse. He is a giant puppy, and is estimated to be about 3.5 months old. He already stands to my knee, and his feet are big to match is very long legs. He loves to enclose my entire arm or hand in his mouth as if "holding" it, keeping me close to him. He is getting playful, and loves soft toys, as the pictures demonstrate! He loves to fetch. He is a light eater, and because he lost such an incredible amount of his body weight while sick, he has some catching up to do.

He is eating ground turkey, ground beef, and dry kibble 3-4 times a day, but never finishes a bowl.  He is neutral around other dogs (I have 6) and does not need canine companionship as much as he needs human attention. He will be a leader, I believe.  

I don't want to put him on any long commercial transports considering that his body has already been put through the ringer. So if a Northern rescue would like to take him, I would want to arrange air transport (usually free of charge) and you would have to meet him at the airport in your area. He is a lovely soul, and I am so happy to start his journey now towards finding his family out there.


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