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Help Mr. Saturn get well and find his forever home!

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ForeverhomePet RescueSouth wrote -

Hi my name is Mr. Saturn! When I was only 2 weeks old, I was brought to a shelter, with my 5 siblings and my mom. Upon arrival, we all had runny eyes and were sneezing uncontrollably. Later, a vet diagnosed us with having a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) and placed us in a cold medal cage. Because we all were sick, the shelter scheduled us to be put to sleep. We all waited day after day for our family to claim us, but they never came. On our last day, we were still huddled around our mom for warmth, in that cold metal cage. With 15 minutes to spare, we were being taken from that cage and being placed in a warm, soft blanketed carrier. It was not our family coming to save us, but instead, a rescue volunteer. 

When we all arrived at our new foster home, we were given a warm bed and all the love that we could imagine. Right way, our foster mom started us antibiotics to help fight the URI we still had. While recovering, 2 of my siblings and I started having uncontrollable seizures. One of my siblings died immediately and the other died shortly after. 

Our foster mom rushed me to the vet. After examining me, he decided to put whole family and me on strong antibiotics, in hopes that the root of my seizures was caused by a bacterial infection. While on the new antibiotics, I was feeling great and most importantly, seizure free. Since I was seizure free for 6 weeks and responding great to the antibiotics, my foster mom decided it was safe to put me up for adoption. 

It wasn’t long until my foster mom told me that was being adopted and that I would have a new home to call my own. The big day came and I was excited to meet my forever dad and he was even more excited to meet me. When I got to my new home, I was taken aback by all the new smells and adventures that I will be able to soon experience. But something was not right. I started having uncontrollable seizures again. 

My Dad rushed me to the vet were they poked me with needles and took my blood. When the blood work came back, they were inconclusive (normal) and vet could not tell dad or me why I was having seizures. 

Even though my new dad loved me so much, he did no have time to care for kitty that had unexplainable seizures, such as myself. With much hesitation, he decided to return me to the rescue. I was no longer going to have the chance to take in all the new smells and adventures, in which my new home had to offer. 

Since then, I have been to a couple of vets and they all cannot come up with an explanation to what is causing my seizures. I have also been diagnosed with something called Epilepsy even though all tests come back normal. My foster mom put me on a holistic medication that seemed to work at first, but slowly stopped working over time. I then was given this nasty tasting, anti-seizure medicine that again, helped at first, but stopped working and even made my seizures worse. All my foster mom can do is sit there and hope that one day my seizures will stop. I hope for that as well.

As of right now, I am having up to 6 a day and with no causes for them to start. One vet suggested that I have a MRI done. This test will most likely conclude what is causing my seizures.

The only problem is, this test will cost my rescue $2,000.00 in donations they don’t have. To date, my rescue has spent over $4,000.00 in labs, medications and x-rays, in order to find a cure and solution to my constant seizures.

When I am not having seizures, I am a very sweet and loving boy. I still act like a cat and I still desperately long for a home and a family to call my own again. My foster mom does not want to give up on me and supports my dream to one day have the forever home I hope for. The only way I will ever be able to accomplish this dream is if my seizures are controlled. Please help me and my rescues raise the funds to help me get this test that I desperately need. All donations towards my cause are tax deductible and will get me one step closer to the warmth of being held in the arms of a loving, forever family. 




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