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iPad for Allie

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Allie is 3 years old and was diagnosed with Autism in October of 2010. We knew Allie was developmentally delayed before she was even 2 years old. Shortly after her 2nd B-day she was diagnosed with Sensory Processing DIsorder. At the age of 2, Allie didn't speak any real words, just babble. She constantly ran around the house all day, almost every day, screaming, and we could never figure out why until her diagnosis of SPD. From the age of 2-3, Allie was in intensive therapy, 4x a week, every week with 4 different types of therapist. Shortly before her 3rd b-day we moved back to Kansas to be with her father who is in the military. Kansas does not have the good resources that Kentucky has. We live slightly in the middle of no where. So currently Allie is not receiving some of the therapies that she needs. So I try to make up for the loss with what I've learned. Allie turned 3 in September, and attends preschool at the neighborhood elementary school with kids like her and those normally developing. Despite her year of intensive treatment, attending school with peer mentors/models, and continuous at home therapy Allie still does not speak very meaningfully. Almost everything she says is a mimic of someone or something else. She is unable to voice or communicate in any way her wants or needs such as what she wants to eat or drink, what game she wants to play, what movie she wants to watch, or if something is hurting her to anyone at all. Her father and I are unable to communicate important things to her such as explaining how the day is going to go or what we are going to do next.

For those of you who are technologically lost in todays world, the iPad is made by Mac. It is basically a small hand-held computer. It has a 9.7" screen and total is slightly smaller than a magazine. With the iPad you have the option to download what are known as apps. They are basically computer programs. There are thousands upon thousands different apps. to download, some free and some cost a little bit of money ($.99-$4.99 is average).

Children with Autism either can't communicate at all or have a difficult time in doing so. They have a hard time adjusting to change in their world. They also have a hard time with social interactions.

Some geniuses in the world have created many apps for the iPad that are just for children/adults with Autism and benefit them tremendously. There are apps that contain thousands of pictures for Autistic people to choose from in order to show what they want/need. There are apps out there that give you the opportunity to use your own pictures to be able to show your child what is going to happen today.
It also helps them learn tremendously because it takes some of the stress out of learning because it lessens some of the social interaction necessary, which helps her focus on learning and communicating.
Currently, I have an iPhone, and she does really well with the apps on there that are fun and beneficial to her, but many of the best beneficial apps are not available on the iphone.

Currently the iPad's range in price from $499-$829. The price depends on the hard drive space and the ability to be able to get 3G internet on it if we decide to pay for it. Otherwise it just connects to the internet at the house.



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