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Dear Philanthropists,

Please help my brother. He has been struggling for many years with several "mystery" health problems. For years he went to doctor after doctor who would refer him to specialist after specialist. Each doctor and specialist would have their own opinion as to what was wrong and would recommend different things each visit, none of which ever worked. In the meantime, my brother Christopher (aka Topher), who wanted to lead a normal, active life was continually suffering from exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, etc, which have been a source of depression and discouragement.

Topher would also experience random tingling, numbness, and often intense pain in his limbs. All of these things made it hard for him to hold a steady job or pursue an active education. He is the type of person who does not want anyone to think less of him for any reason, or to see him as weak, so he would always try to work through the pain and not let anyone know. But often after several days of hard work he would just collapse with exhaustion and be out of commission for a few days. And after so many sick days in a year, with no "good" explanation to his employers, other than being really fatigued, well….like I said, it has been hard for him to hold a steady job, and not for lack of effort on his part.

Luckily, though, after years of searching, Topher has found the right specialists and doctors who have been able to identify the source of his problems as pectus excavatum. Basically this is an abnormality in the sternum or rib cage that causes it to "sink" in. This puts pressure on his vital organs such as his heart and lungs, which limits the capacity at which they can work, limiting the flow of oxygen and blood through his body. Topher just had the surgery to correct this and is in the very painful recovery stages. The insurance has covered most, but not all of his procedure, and so Topher has some very substantial medical bills (from this surgery and from past medical exams and procedures). I want to help my brother out with his bills. Unfortunately I am very poor, and so are my parents. We all want to help, but as we are unable to provide the money he needs and deserves, I am posting this to ask for your charity. Please help us (help Topher) out. He deserves it.

Also, since my brother's medical problems have made it hard for him to keep steady work, which has made it hard for him to stay in school for lack of funds, I would like to use any extra money donated to set up a "scholarship" for Topher to help pay for his classes and supplies.

If you have made it this far in reading, I appreciate your time. Please help my brother out with as much as you can. He's a great person and great brother and deserves a hand up for once! Thanks and have a good day!



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