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This fundraiser is to help my family...I am 35yrs old and a single mother of three (one who is 19 &lives; elsewhere) and I and currently 7months pregnant. I will start by saying while I was at a job interview my huband decided that with no warning or cause he would abandon his family after 10yrs. He moved back to Seattle went back to his old job and refused to help financially (even with food) as a result I was evicted from my apartment, lost my car and was forced to put our entire lives into a storage unit. After months of stuggling to pay the unit bill I lost the unit and everything was sold... We were left with nothing except for some clothes and shoes. After suffering a miscarriage I moved into my sister's apartment and the living situation is far from ideal! I share a room and a full size bed with my 18month old (its so small we cant put a dresser in the room) my 12yr old sleeps on a futon in the living room. I want to be able to provide diapers,clothes,shoes and essentials for my children. I am not a lazy person looking for a handout I have placed over 2000 applications and have received maybe 5 call backs...no-one is willing to hire long term unemployed and based on my previous job history and pay scale the companies in Lower Alabama won't even think about calling me back. I was able to come up with enough money to travel futher for job leads but I was scammed by the car dealership and the car broke down before I received the title in the mail so it needs to be repaired..I cant go to the doctor because I cant afford a cab,there is no public transportation here and walking is not a option my doctor is too far away and the heat would probably kill me.



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