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Help my Family and help me smile

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lease Help Us,

I know you are busy, but I really need your HELP ,My name is Mary Porter, and I live with my Husband and my 7yr olf son. and I live in New Port Richey, FL. with my 7yr. old son Dominic, my husband DaveWith the Holidays approaching Oh So Quickly! I

I am desperately and humbly asking for financial help and support in paying our bills, loans and other debts and even our daily sustenance and living needs.

My husband and I have looked for work throughout our 17 month marriage without success. In my husband's case the government contract he had worked on for over 10 years received so little funding after the contract award that his employer, GDIT, eliminated an entire business division laying off almost every manager there. In addition I have looked for work since my employer I worked for closed in 2011. I literally have walked from my house to the main highway here, US Hwy 19, and then walked up and down that road, stopping to fill out applications for any business

Here is a list of our debts:

My teeth are broken and infected and the dentist said it would be 10,000

We have 4 loans totaling about $24,000 with monthly payments of xxx.xx.

We have 4 credit cards with balances that total approximately $36,000 with minimum monthly payments that total $800 (get real #)

A 40' boat (1984 Jersey Dawn Sportfish) which was acquired in a lien action from the owner who had put it up as collateral for a $50,000 loan from my husband.
But now my husband has spent all of his savings to fix it up, only to have the boat run out of gas at the end of June, 2013 in the Hernando Beach channel. The boat had to be left overnight when it got stuck in the shallows next to the channel while being towed against the outgoing tide and it got swamped at high tide. The boat is in a marina on land but the monthly cost is $330.00 and is in arrears by two months.

We live in the house that my parents gifted to me as an "early inheritance". But, we had to talk to a lawyer about it, because my brother, trying to steal it from us,
thats another sad long, story

a vehicle that desperately needs the mechanic

appliances that need replacement

some furniture that needs replacement.

Needed repairs around the house, windows, cracked tiles, problems with some of the bathroom plumbing, rugs, etc.

Also in need of money for any extra's for life , for son, my husband, and myself.

The holidays are arriving quickly and I am shaking, but I'll put on a smile,
and do my best with baking and cooking, gladly 2 things I love. Also, there is always family warmth when were baking pies and cookies. And I know we can all snuggle up and watch those good old classic holiday movies.

Sincerely humblling myself and my life
ever so in need
mary porter




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