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Help My Mom Save a Sanctuary

Organized by: Marie Colman

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Marie Colman via Crowdrise
October 20, 2014

An 8 year old son of a friend offered me the $132.68 in his piggy bank to help save me home. Heart of gold! See More


I would like to introduce you to my mother, Marie. She is a woman who no matter what circumstances she is personally dealing with, always finds time to place her focus on others in need; a true definition of a friend. She never shies away from challenges, and throughout her life has shown tremendous strength and tenacity. Her willingness to go up against the establishment is honorable. She is the walking definition of a “warrior”.
You see, my mom is a 3 time cancer survivor. She has fought unbelievable battles and came through victorious. She was diagnosed for the first time in 1993 with uterine and cervical cancer, in 2003 with primary liver cancer that led her down a six year journey to regain her health, and then in 2012 a mass in her ovary and abdomen tested her resolve.
Although she is cancer FREE today, she is currently disabled from a combination of damage done to her system during treatments, orthopedic issues from a severe car accident in her early years (which are now complicated by her age), and with present undiagnosed issues that could become life threatening if not identified and managed soon.
My mother raised me, my three step sisters, and my adopted brother in a levelheaded home despite the trials of having an addiction riddled father with many weaknesses that constantly threatened our household’s stability. I was blessed to have such a strong, loving parent to support and guide me, and as you can see by the picture above, she stood proudly by my side the day I graduated from college. But last year, my father while out on the road for their business, had an emotional breakdown, committing numerous uncharacteristic crimes and attempting to take his own life. In the process, he left my mother penniless, disabled, on her own with no income, and has offered no assistance financially to my mother whatsoever after their 35+ year relationship.
As our family home is her sole and personal property, she immediately began a modification process with her bank to deal with her situation, and after multiple violations to federal regulations perpetuated by her bank, was forced to go in a different direction. Upon researching any and all possible opportunities for assistance within all the mortgage relief programs introduced in the last few years, her one option was the Arizona Mortgage Relief Fund. But due to the fact that my father decided to file bankruptcy in the midst of their already complicated divorce, she ultimately could not qualify
Now, she suddenly faces the loss of her home to a foreclosure Trustee’s sale on November 6, 2014, that she only became aware of a few days ago, even though her own bank does not have it in their system. This is a home that my mother has brought many people into during their time of need and shared its ‘healing’ environment. It is not only a place for her, but a place for others to find relief and healing. My mother does not like to ask for help, as she normally finds herself on the giving side of causes . So I am stepping forward to ask for that help for her. If I had the money to re-instate the mortgage, I would do it without blinking.
If you would like to get to know my mother better, the following links provide testimony of how others see her. Marie’s References -- and Marie’s Professional Background -- .

This is the home where she has lived for the last 16 years, and is her sanctuary. The environment of this property allowed her to find the peace necessary to center herself enough that she could remain on a road to healing and conquer cancer that has extremely high mortality rates, along with other challenges with her health that have been thrown at her . . . not to mention the rest of life’s challenges. It is her safe space, her therapy, and the love she has put into this home over the years is apparent to every person who walks through the door. Although she is keeping a positive attitude, I fear that losing it may be the final straw that may break her after everything that she has faced so bravely.
Even with her ill health and the devastating prospect of losing her home, she is displaying deep faith and strength that a miracle will present itself. But yet she is not sitting idle because she often creates her own miracles. As I prepare this, she is inventorying her house and preparing to sell everything she owns to assist in saving this home that is so close to her heart. But that may not be enough in today’s economy to beat this situation, especially under the short timeline she faces. No one can claim that my mother doesn’t work to “help herself”, but this time she needs some outside generosity.
My mother is the strongest, kindest, most supportive person imaginable and she has been dealt a horribly unfair hand. Please help me bolster her up, save her home and ease her burden. This $18,000 will allow her to reinstate her mortgage and resume payments - saving her from foreclosure and allowing her the relief from stress that she so desperately needs to once again heal and regain her health.

My mother has always told me that her life purpose is “to be in the service of others”. And now this person with a heart of gold that has given so much of herself, and beaten unimaginable odds in so many situations, needs help from others. Anything you can provide to assist reaching our goal is very much appreciated.


Organized by

Marie Colman

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Marie is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Help My Mom Save a Sanctuary.

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