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Help my nerve and neck reconstruction

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Dear everyone,

I am 20 year old guy. My name is Stan Yeung. I am living in Hong Kong. I am currently a full-time college student. I will begin my Bachelor studies this September 1.

I am writing in hopes of getting help from anyone because I cannot find help medically in my country of origin and I am not financially capable enough to fulfill my plan to go to the United States to have the medical examinations needed to be done and the procedures that probably will need to be done.

Here is what happened. At the age of 18, in November 2011, I have pinched a nerve that connects from the diaphragms to the neck, specifically the left. I have pinched the part of my Phrenic Nerve in my lower left rib.

Eventually at one night something happened. I felt like I had a flare-up of the phrenic nerve from my lower left rib. I had numbness in my left temple at that time soon after it happened.

After that was settled, I have been having left breathing weakness
I also am experiencing quite a bit of cartilage inflammations at my neck which started from the back of my neck and gradually "spread" to the sides then the front as in the sides of the throat and the hyoid bone. It is not a cancerous. Rather it is a skeletal problem.

My X Ray of the cervical spine only showed cervical scoliosis to the right, and my MRI showed no sign of any problems with my spinal cord.

I have been wasting my money for medical services in Hong Kong because there is nothing that can be done to resurrect the sort-of paralyzed phrenic nerve and improve my breathing function by having anti-inflammatory tablets or other medications.
I need to go to the New Jersey Shore University Medical Center to have the nerve graft surgery for my phrenic nerve, and before I have it, I still need to have some tests done on my nerve and pulmonary function, such as EMG (Electromyography)and SNIFF (fluoroscopy of diaphragms) and PFTS (Pulmonary function tests) They don't come cheap and my future just looks so dim if I cannot have the surgery.
Cost other than treatment includes the following:

visa to go to US
the airfare
daily expenses

To donate to me, you can go to your Paypal account and send me the amount of donation you can give to my personal electronic email
or you can follow the instructions given here to continue with the donation procedure.
It goes without saying that your contribution will give me a second chance in life. I am just an advocate for my health and doing what I need to do to live longer.
Much appreciated.



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