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Due to an irreversible error in paperwork at the financial aid office, I, Dawajeane Pratchett owe the University of Houston over $15,000. I am currently working to pay off this debt, but as a minimum wage employee it is nearly impossible. My parents have been nothing but supportive and have done everything in their power to get me back in school, unfortunately all of our attempts have failed. As a young college student I do not have any credit so a bank loan is not an option for me. Until my balance is paid I cannot attend classes at the University of Houston nor any other university because my transcript will remain locked. It is not possible for me to simply start over; because I have already completed college courses, submitting my transcript is a must. My education is at a standstill and there is nothing I want more than to be actively working towards my goal of becoming a physical therapist. Any and every donation would be a great help and bring me one step closer to continuing my education. This has been a humbling experience. There are some things that are impossible to do alone and that is why I am desperately asking for help.



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