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Mary Jane Buyo's Fundraiser:

Help my sister that had an eclampsia.

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Mary Jane Buyo


I am May Jane Alimaren Buyo. I work as online freelancer in oDesk. I am the 2nd to eldest in the family. When my sister is pregnant, we had prepared financially for giving her birth but only little amount of 3,000 pesos. But a sudden worst thing happened we never expected. My sister had eclampsia the worst thing happened when we are sleeping and just so blessed that we noticed her quickly. We rush her to the hospital and the only option we had to make her safe and the baby is to have her caesarean section. We never doubt with that decision even we know we can’t afford to pay it financially. Our focus is really to save 2 lives.  

The baby had oxygen in the first day and staying in nursery room now since my sister can't still move well and can't even speak well. My sister stayed in the operating room for half a day since she had convulsion again after the caesarean operation. Now, they removed the 4 dextrose already in my sister and she is trying to recover. The picture of my sister is already in 3rd day in the hospital. When she will discharge to hospital, she still needs to have a maintenance medicine for her High Blood Pressure.

We badly need your help financially to pay for hospital bill most especially the bill to the doctor for the caesarean operation. The pay for caesarean operation in 60,000 pesos and the hospital bill at the moment is already amounting to 35,000 pesos for only 3 days. My salary is not enough to help with my sister since I have also 2 kids and my mother also had not enough fund to help. I have no father and the eldest died in diabetes. So I and my mother are all helping together but we still can't make it. We also need your prayers that she can recover so soon and all will be fine.

Since I work online, I will give you my service in admin support or other task that I can help you online for free or for how much you will donate to us. I commit myself to make all possibilities to do the entire job you will give to me. I can keep my promise and will make all things to just pay you back for this help.

If we can’t find a way to pay the hospital bill, the hospital will not discharge my sister and the hospital bill will also increase everyday you will stay there. I believe that my sister and baby can recover fast if they will stay in the house with fresh air and being comfortable.

We already had asked from other people here but all have a problem financially and I will understand if you can't also help financially but prayers will be a great help too.  I hope you can tell this to others that you know can help us. I will be very thankful and will remember you for the rest of our lives thanking and will praying you all the time that God will bless you more for having a good heart.



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Mary Jane is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help my sister that had an eclampsia..