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Help girls boost up their self-esteem with their individuality, creativity, uniqueness!

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A poem for all girls

From birthmarks, freckles to scars
Be proud of your identity matter what race you are
Chubby, skinny, black, white, Asian, Indian all perfect of any race
Discrimination, bullying, low self-esteem shouldn't be the case
Any girl should be a model don't matter the height, clothes, and size, why the judgement, so quick to critize
Most times low self esteem, anorexia, bulimia are cause by bullying of their weight
As people we have our own flaws, we're all the same, why can't we just accept each other for Heaven's sake

Today we live in a world where appearances, race, and color matters more than anything else

Self esteem has become related to a girl's physical appearances as they feel incomparable on what society standards.

Media such as tv, movies, music videos, lyrics, internet, magazines and even runways portrays images of girls in a sexual reference such as with the type of clothing, unrealistic body types, and body apperances so they can emulate.

Don't let media and society encourage our girls to look and act a certain way.

My Story

As a young african american girl growing up, I used to be ashamed of my surgical scar that came from many open heart surgeries but I finally realized that it represented strength and how far I've come. Another self issues I had was about being ashamed of my own skintone, I wanted to bleach and use hydroquoine cream just to do so until one day I took pictures of myself and realized and one of God's artwork!

Young girls have their self-esteem so low to a point where as a parent trying to convince your princess that they're already perfect makes it harder but imagine something so close to a girl's heart and mind that would turn into a personal role model, an interactive novelty that can be created with their own uniqueness, individuality and creativity.



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Kimberly is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help girls boost up their self-esteem with their individuality, creativity, uniqueness!.