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Help Replace Mia's Money her Mother defrauded her of

Organized by: Auntie Kellee

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My niece, Mia age 12, lost her 30 y/o father 1 year ago this month (Aug 2015) to suicide. Her father worked a stable state job for over 10 years and took out insurance for his kids. None of us saw it coming but in Aug 2014 he went home..two days before Mia's 11th birthday.

He left Mia $63,000.00 in insurance, land, and property. Mia's mom, my sister, who is in her late 30's, was given control over that money. Now mind you my mom and dad raised her son AND Mia since birth while she partied, gambled, drank, did drugs, stole my mom and dads checkbook and drained their accounts more times than I can count. The most current being last week of which my dad FINALLY pressed felony charges on her for theft.

She needed to steal that checkbook because last November Mia's dads insurance started coming in and my sister was granted access to all that money since she was "technically" the legal guardian. Payout was $32,000.00. It's Mia's money so although all of us were nervous about her having that much money but thought we would give her the benefit of the doubt and the pain was still sooo raw it kinda got overlooked. It was ALL gone 3 months later...I mean, literally, ALL gone.  None of us knew.

Without anyone knowing 3 months later she sold Mia's land (which was family land for generations).

Without anyone knowing 1 month later she cashes out a fund that had $25,000 that was supposed to be untouched until Mia was 18.

1.5 months later ALLLLLLL this money was gone. My sweet Mia got defrauded by her mother. Sister went to judge last month and said all she can do is pay $300 a month to pay it back. The money is now in her other aunt and my moms name (well the account with no money).

$300*12 = $3600 a year

6 years til Mia turns 18 which will then give her $21,600 - no where near what was left for her and she doesn't have her family land. Also my sister hasn't held a job longer than 4 months so seeing $300 each month for 6 years is laughable!

Yes my parents did it to themselves by enabling my sister get away with all of this over the past 13 years. Someone else should have taken custody of the kids away, etc etc. I FULLY AGREE things could have been done but both our families go back 100 together and it was such a shock for us all.  Feelings and emotions were too raw at the time, and we thought "Its Mia's money she won't spend it".

What's Done is Done.

Know what not done? My nieces growing and her future.

I decided **ck it - I am going to get this out there on Social Media and see if anyone would help me rebuild Mia's Inheritance Fund. She is going to want/need things that cost money while she's growing as all kids do!  I am on disability and cant contribute alot per month to rebuild it but I want to get it started now so it can just grow... 

Im not asking for the full $63,000...not at all. ANY help to rebuild this for my sweet girl so she can start off life with the solid foundation her father died to give her.

....To get the prom dress that costs a bit more but she HAS to have it cuz she looks FAB in it
....Or being able to take her Senior Trip (Paris and New York have been the last 2 trips..they are big ones!)
....Or attend the Junior Class weekend ski trips
....Or she wants to join a travel sports team etc etc.

Mia's dad's mom and sister will be in charge of the account. They're trustworthy, both her and her mom are nurses, and they are normal, bill paying, responsible adults with deep roots in town and a deep, fierce love for Mia.

I'm aware this seems like a "family dispute" and "not your problem" but we live in a rural town and that was alot of money my sister defrauded her of.  She is going to end up in jail soon with all these fraud charges against her and its not your responsiblity to clean up the mess of an addict but Mia didn't do anything.  Mia deserves what she was left...its not her fault!

If you have any questions PLEASE dont hesitate to ask!

Any help in any denomination is greatly appreciated ;-)

Love to All!!! Auntie Kellee



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