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Help Romeo and Journey of Wolf People

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Not long ago, Wolf People has dealt with the significant loss of some of our beautiful pack members. Recently, it has been discovered that one of our young pups, Journey, son of Patches and Cuan, has a form of congenital (present at birth) juvenile cataracts. This finding has been tragic and heartbreaking for Wolf People. Little Journey is a sweet, shy, and spirited male who is full of energy, but for the past three and a half months of his life, he has learned how to cope with his blindness, eventually standing up for himself and earning his place among his healthy-sighted littermates.
Just this week, it became noticeable that Journey’s eyes were frequently closed, and his left eye was runny and shut. The next morning, Journey traveled to his appointment at a special eye clinic in Spokane, Washington.

We found out that there is hope for the restoration of Journey’s eyesight through cataract surgery. This operation is likely to take place sometime next week.

The total cost to save Journey’s eyes is $3,600. Wolf People greatly welcomes ANY funds that are made toward this financial cost.

Another one of our young pups, Romeo, son of Teton and Arctica, needs to go into surgery within the next week. Romeo has a form of bone deformity in his left foreleg and possibly one of his hind legs. This surgery is VERY serious and critical to the quality of this pup’s life.

Romeo, whose name was initially a nickname, is an exceptionally sweet, gentle, and affectionate male. Without this necessary surgery, little Romeo would not be able to continue living. The pain of his angled and twisted limbs would cripple him for life.

The operation will cost between $1,800 and $2,500. The expenses of both Romeo and Journey’s surgeries will be overwhelming.

Wolf People GREATLY appreciates any donations or purchases made toward the financial burden in helping to save Romeo’s and Journey's lives. Please donate through our website at or by calling our store at (208)-263-1100. In addition, share this post!



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