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Support Traumatic Brain Injury Research and Treatment

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Traumatic brain injury shows no deference to age or sex. It can occur at any given time, and the ramifications can be devastating. According to the CDC 1.7 million people sustain them annually. Sean Biesty is part of that statistic. On November 17, 2002 Sean suffered a severe traumatic brain injury as a result of a head on automobile collision. While undergoing treatment for the injuries he sustained, he was carelessly administered the wrong medication. As a result, he went into cardiac arrest for more than 25 minutes. He was revived, but was subsequently hospitalized for 11 weeks in the ICU. For 3 of those weeks he remained in coma, when he emerged, it was as a quadriplegic. Today, thanks to the efforts of the International Brain Research Foundation and his own strength and determination, Sean is living Independently in Brooklyn and is able to walk and talk. He continues to achieve milestones in his recovery, and is now focusing on further improvements of his speech and motor skills. Furthermore, A new “epidemic” of severe brain injury is now affecting our military personnel. The Congressional Brain Injury Task Force stated that “Traumatic Brain Injury is often called the Signature Injury in the war on global terrorism. Blast related injuries and extended deployment are contributing to an unprecedented number of warriors suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI). More than 40% of the injured troops returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts have been diagnosed with brain-related disorders — many from traumatic brain injury (TBI), and a good number in coma. Of the 1.64 million U.S. troops deployed in the war in the Middle East, approximately 320,000 are estimated to have suffered a TBI. Many of the wounded soldiers have either been written off prematurely or not afforded rehabilitation techniques that will optimize their potential for recovery. Please help support Sean, our soldiers and the groundbreaking, charitable work of the IBRF. Your donation will be utilized 100% into the care and treatment of every neurologically impacted patient.



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