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EVENT DATE: Dec 16, 2012

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I know most of you have noticed that there is no photo of me on this webpage, the reasons are fairly simple.

The picture of the work I need done is not very pleasant to the eye. Second I’m not very comfortable or proud about asking for help.

I have spent most of my life caring for other in their times of need, my family, friends, and the people on the street.

I work in pre hospital medicine as a paramedic. I used my skills to treat everything from a sore throat to auto accidents. I have been there to bring a new life into the world, and there many of times to prevent one from leaving the world.

Let me tell you a little more about my outlook on life. I have never been one who needed praise for my work. I just help where it was needed Never needing a thank you in return, just knowing I helped someone was enough. I have had people offer money, I just told them to keep it and return the favor to someone else someday

Some people have the misunderstanding that this end of medical field you are paid a large amount of money. You should considering the events that you are trained to deal with, that is far from that case, most paramedic are paid just slightly higher than people who work for the local McDonalds.

I’m sure by now you are wonder how I plan to use your gift.

Over the years my job has taken it toll on my body. For the loud sirens, the loud noisy environment my hearing has been failing. Which are not covered under most health plans, will run about $6,000 for two hearing aids. I have let my oral hygiene go for some time. For now I’m face with having oral surgery to remove and repair my teeth. This will run about $10,000 after my insurance has paid there little $1,500.

But here the hardest part, as if writing this article wasn’t. I’m now force to make a life change. Back in the early 90’s I hurt my back helping a lady who couldn’t breathe out of her apartment. I was told then that I didn’t need surgery then. But over the years my back pain has been increasing. Do to this, and trying to avoid surgery. I have to leave being a paramedic behind and move into another line of work.

This is not an easy choice, considering I have little money in the bank and no 401k to speak of. And the fact I’m leaving something I love to do, helping people. So any additional fund will be used to start a new life. I need to take care of my health first. And yes I do trust in God.

But I do need your help as well, you can to spread the word and help me as I would help you. Any amount of money will help!!



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