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Since 1964, the Allied Educational Foundation has worked behind the scenes, educating Americans, contributing to health and welfare, and joining legal actions to serve the individual American and protect them against intrusive government and special interest groups. George Barasch, the founder of the Foundation, spent over two decades fighting for the rights of workers to organize, and formed the Allied Educational Foundation to continue his work advancing the education and rights of working Americans. Barasch believed that for United States citizens to adapt and live successfully in the context of change they must (1) be educated on their rights and civic responsibilities as Americans, (2) have the ability to critically evaluate and obtain accurate information from the media, and (3) take ownership of their health to live long, active lives. In an era where union membership is declining, accurate long-form journalism has been replaced with tweets, and the working American is faced with more obstacles and less opportunity for mobility than ever before, the Foundation is requesting your support to fight back against these forces and return to an America where individuals knew how to critically evaluate the media, understood their civil liberities, and the government respected and protected the Bill of Rights as laid out by the founders. Allied Educational Foundation has spoken at hundreds of high schools, colleges, and community organization and partnered on key legal actions in support of our mission of an empowered American populace. Explore our website at and help us guide the next decade of change in the United States.


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