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Crosswinds Equine Rescue - Equipment Needed

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Hello Friends-


Crosswinds Equine Rescue, a wonderful organization near my hometown in Central IL, is in need of immediate assistance.


Hay is a vital part of a horses nutrition plan.  Hay prices have been climbing over the last few years which has led to two issues.  First, there is an unfortunate uptick in neglected and abandoned horses due to the higher prices.  The issue is compounded by the overall state of the economy.  Secondly, any hay which is procured by or donated to the rescues who take these horses in must be diligently conserved.


Crosswinds is in need of two pieces of equipment which will help them with the conservation of hay.


The first piece of equipment is a rotary hay rake.  A rotary hay rake fluffs the hay as it puts it into rows so it dries quicker and more evenly. Their current rake does not have the same functionality and, as a result, they have had several cuttings go bad. A rotary rake saves the fields.  This specific rake also lets them recover hay that has been rained on.  Currently, they have very little remedy when the fields get wet.


The second piece of equipment is large square baler.  Currently, Crosswinds is mostly dealing with round baling.  Round bales have a lot of waste and are not at all efficient especially for a facility of their size.  Jumbo square bales are better secured, mold less, deteriorate less, stack better, minimize fire risks, and are easier to manipulate.  It will also allow them to more effectively bale in fields where other people have offered hay.


Crosswinds currently uses rental equipment or they are depending on the kindness of their neighbors with equipment to perform these functions.  These two pieces of equipment are quite expensive when purchased new -- in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Thankfully Mike Cross, one of the founders of Crosswinds, is extremely talented in overhauling equipment.  If we can raise at least $6000 it will allow him to secure at least one piece of equipment and make significant headway on the second piece.  Of course, we hope to raise more than $6000 in order to afford both pieces but we will start with this goal and work up from there!




Crosswinds Equine Rescue's mission is rescuing, rehabilitating, retraining, rehoming horses in need.  Mike and AnneMarie Cross run this amazing organization virtually by themselves and have rehabilited and placed over 90 horses with new owners since 2003.  They engage in community outreach and have routinely offered their farm and services in the rehabilitation of special needs children.


If you are in the area or passing through, I urge you to reach out to Mike and AnneMarie to schedule a visit.  The work they do there is humbling.


Thank you for your time -- we greatly appreciate your attention to this cause!



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