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Help Ukrainian Journalist Shot by Snipers

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On February 17th, while filming a documentary about Ukraine, our cameraman Artem Ryzhykov was seriously injured by two snipers who had been ordered by then president Yanukovich (at the urging of Vladimir Putin) to crush the protest movement. Friends to the left and right were killed instantly, but Artem was lucky in that the bullets hit his camera (through which he had been filming the riot police) and only shattered his equipment and the bones in his hand and arm.

He was dragged to safety and given some aspirin and a bandage for his wound, but because many protestors were dragged from hospitals and killed by thugs, he never received any real medical attention.

I'm trying to raise money to get Artem the money he needs to heal his wounds and to buy him another camera. He is an extraordinary cinematographer, but without his equipment (which cost around $3000 and took him many years to buy), he has no possibility of continuing his vocation. Any additional funds raised I will donate to other journalists and filmmakers I know who were wounded fighting against their corrupt and tyrannical government.

I am personally donating whatever fees this website takes so that 100% of the funds raised will go to Artem and other Ukrainian journalists in need.

Artem is one of the kindest and gentlest people I know. In the many weeks I spent with him during the Ukrainian protests, he only wanted to record the atrocities for posterity; he never took part in any violence. In fact, he is one of the few vegetarians I've met in Ukraine - a rare thing in this meat-heavy culture - and that choice flows from his simple philosophy of non-violence.

Right now a massive disinformation campaign about Ukraine is being orchestrated by Russia and the world needs to stand behind the journalists and filmmakers who are risking their lives to document the truth. Please help in this effort by getting Artem the care and equipment he needs to get back to this extremely important work.



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