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Bingley needs eye surgery, Please help!

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Darcy & Bingley were rescued in August wedged between walls in a home Unfortunately they were taken to a high kill shelter. They arrived @ shelter on 8/09/14 Evaluation found both were very dirty, had fleas, runny noses and eye discharge,  During exam vet noticed Bingley's left eye had been ruptured possibly from an untreated infection or past injury. Both brothers were treated for upper respiratory illnesses and Bingley's eye was also treated with antibiotic eye medication. After being @ the shelter for a month and no one interested in adopting them, they were scheduled for euthanasia. 
These poor brothers who arrived at the shelter @ only 2 months old and having spent a month there and not responding to medication faced this horrible fate of being killed. 
 ForeverHome Pet Rescue decided this was not fair to them So on the last day they were "safe" and available we rescued them. 

Bingley was taken to Eye Care Center for evaluation with an ophthalmologist and was determined he needs to have remainder of left eye removed and the eye sutured closed. This is a very necessary surgery since bacteria can build up and an infection will occur. The surgeon said due to his age it's best to perform surgery when Bingley's 4 months old which is about 3 weeks from now.

So Bingley has been in a foster home with his brother Darcy where he is receiving prescription eye drops 4 times a day for the next weeks til he can have his surgery. The surgeon has given us a great rescue discount quote but it's still very difficult for us since we are a small organization. We desperately need Bingley to have this surgery so he & his brother can be placed in their forever homes. We truly believe this sweet , friendly , affectionate little boy deserves a 2nd chance @ life and really hope he can have his surgery in the next month so he can recuperate and begin a new chapter in life :)

Every year thousands of cats and dogs land in the shelter and end up in being euthanized due to overcrowding. During the kitten season in the spring and early summer, mother cats and their kittens are constantly impounded at high-kill shelters, given only days or sometimes only hours to be saved. Senior animals are dumped or displaced by a owners death, animals end up on death row in shelters due to many unfortunate circumstances such as divorce, illness or financial hardship among others.

​Animals that come from the shelters are often sick, and in need of medical attention. A simple cold in a kitten can turn to pneumonia in just a short amount of time without the proper medications. Some animals arrive to rescuers having been abused or neglected and in immediate need of procedures for injury or illness. Still others are born with deformities such as clubbed feet, skeletal irregularities, and heart problems which require rigorous veterinary care just as a human infant would.

A dog may need to be neutered, a cat may need to be de-wormed, a guinea pig may need antibiotics, a bunny may need vet care—whatever the problem, big or small, animals need treatment which takes money that often a foster home with several fosters cannot afford without donations from the public. We believe that every animal deserves a fighting chance, but these animals cannot succeed without the help and support of their human counterparts.

We are helping over 600 animals annually get the medical attention, food, shelter and homes they desperately need. 

Donations are highly needed for medications, medical procedures, surgeries, veterinary visits, spays/neuters, Feline Leukemia/immune deficiency testing, dental care, vaccines, prescription diets, and flea medications and we are only half way through the year. Please help us save our animals.

Who and what is Foreverhome Pet Rescue South?

Founded in 2005 by long-time animal rescue volunteers, ForeverHome Pet Rescue’s goal has been to provide care and compassion for the homeless and abused animals of the Los Angeles area, while working to place them in loving adoptive homes with our network of foster homes. FHPR is a private, not-for-profit organization that operates solely on private donations and volunteer efforts. 


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Great organization that needs lots of help for the babies 4 years ago