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CROWDRISE : Dec 25, 2010
Tax ID: 62-1531846
BASED: Chattanooga, TN, United States



Our Mission

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We have an impassioned care and concern for widow's housing and home repair needs as well as the irreplaceable value and worth that widows are to all of our world’s societies. Since the inception of Widows Harvest in 1986, tens of thousands of widows have had roofs replaced, houses painted, plumbing and electrical problems repaired, lawns raked and mowed, gutters cleaned, wheel chair ramps built and everything in between, and that is just in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The numbers of houses that we have funded to be built in Africa for widows, both young and old, is also significant, not to mention the iron roofs that we funded to replace thatched ones.

Truly honoring widows requires so much more than just meeting their needs, though. Perhaps even more importantly is to affirm their equal value as human beings equally loved and cared for by God. Primarily through teaching a significant part of our mission is to change the way that world societies understand and regard widows as well as providing opportunities for widows to fulfill that which they have the gifts, experience and wisdom to serve as honored members of all societies throughout the world.

Perhaps a more simplified way to state this is: widows who feel discarded, worthless and even less than human should have unlimited resources available to them in order to reverse this state of "hopelessnesses" that controls every facet of their lives to one of hopefulness. Over the years we have been humbled to witness this transformation of "hopelessness to hopefulness" in the lives of widows, too numerous to count, all over the world. Yet, we still haven't been able to move very far below the tip of the iceberg of need, so to speak.

This is, therefore, in and of itself, a plea to all who read this, to go to widows that you know, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a neighbor, a co-worker, a church member, the woman at the cash register where you buy groceries, and ask them if what you have just read is not 100% accurate. If it is, then do something to help them, or do something to help us to help them. Either way doing nothing is no longer an option. And if you think it is, just look at the condition of our Nation today. How many widows do you think have been adversely affected by the banking and Wall Street meltdown, and how many of these widows do you think have been identified and the wrong done to them made right? Now, throughout recorded history, how many nations do you think that once were at the pinnacle of power in the known worlds of their time, did not end up being reduced to rubble, or if you will, just like the condition of the widow, desolate, because their greatest, ultimate guilt, was that they "devoured the houses of the widows, without remorse, and if any attempts were made at proper restitution for these crimes, it was apparently too late. May the same not be said for this Nation by those who read our history in the hundreds if not thousands of years to come.

Tax ID: 62-1531846 •


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