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Hepatitis Affects Everyone, Everywhere




Viral Hepatitis B and C prevalence is on a steady rise in Pakistan. Extrapolation of the figures gives us a staggering number of 15 million Hepatitis positive patients of which 6.8 million are in Sindh. Hepatitis Delta, which can only infect patients that are already infected with the Hepatitis B Virus, is possibly the most severe form of hepatitis in humans. A large pocket of Hep-D has been identified in Sindh, Pakistan. Empirical evidence suggests that the actual prevalence of this disease in Sindh may by much higher than the current estimates.Major risk factors for disease spread: Unsafe Injection Delivery, Transfusion of unscreened blood and blood products, From infected Mother to new born child, Sexual contact with carriers, Reuse of Blades by the barbers, Use of unsterilized surgical and dental instruments, Use of infected needle/instruments for nose/ear piercing, The Sindh Province is facing a real hazard of prevalence of Hepatitis B & C. There is a dire need to create an awareness among the general public and the health care community about preventive measures such as insisting on the use of properly sterilized syringes and surgical instruments, avoiding sexual contact with those known to carry the virus and ensuring that blood and blood products being used have been properly screened are essential in controlling the spread of both HbV and HcV.

In order to continue the work that we have started and to continue to bring the message of “peace in action” and “humanity beyond borders”, to continue our mission to bring quality health care interventions, to manifest the vision of independent, healthy, productive children in the rural setting we need your support. Life Bridge cannot continue the work it does in the absence of the support of its donor network. Through our new, focused campaign we aim to eradicate hepatitis in the villages we take on. Your participation will help put Life Bridge’s vision on the path to fruition.



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