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The Story

Every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed with, or dies from ALS. In the time it takes to trek around Town Lake, another life is impacted by ALS. Another friend, brother, dad, daughter, athlete, soldier’s life is forever changed by this under-funded disease. We want to change that. We want to help find a cure and better treatment for ALS. We want to help find a cure and a treatment for ALS, we want to help those diagnosed carry the load. They are our friends, our family, our heroes. 


ALS diagnosis is 3 times as likely in military and 4 times as likely in athletes. Our communities in particular are being impacted by ALS. Fortunately, our communities have the amazing ability to come together and rally behind a worthy cause. We have strength in our numbers; we have the courage to fight. 


Join us on the evening of Friday, October 24, 2014, as we help our friends impacted by ALS carry the load for 90 minutes in the Every90Minutes Hero Ruck Challenge.


Grab a headlamp, some comfortable gear, water, and a weighted ruck sack and join us on our journey to raise awareness for ALS among the military and athletic communities in Central Texas. We will ruck around Town Lake at sundown and finish with a block party in East Austin, near downtown. Free food and drinks will be provided to all participants. 


100% of your $25 Registration Fee goes to fund research for treatments and a cure for ALS via 


More details on what to bring, appropriate loading, directions for the ruck, and details on the block party will be provided in advance of the event date. In the meantime, get registered and spread the word. Let’s take the ALS Bucket Challenge a step a part of a fun, challenging, charitable event that provides 100% of registration fees to research foundations. Still want to get iced for a good cause? There may be some ice buckets at the finish line for you.

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Hero Ruck Challenge

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