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Mission To transform lives and communities with innovative and collaborative therapy, training and research. Vision The Houston Galveston Institute is a recognized leader in the dynamic evolution of innovative, effective & accessible psychotherapy approaches.

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Houston Galveston Institute (HGI), d.b.a. HGI Counseling Center is a 39-year old, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that serves the Greater Houston Area and surrounding locations.

Through the years, our therapists have been active in research & training, producing some of the most groundbreaking work and studies in family counseling in the nation. This work has propelled the organization to one of the most international & nationally recognized counseling, research & training facilities in America, & around the globe. Universities, institutes, and governments around the globe (literally) have been duplicating the HGI model and setting up family institutes also based on HGI’s programs and services. HGI also offers a training certificate that is recognized in the mental health industry around the world.

HGI had a strong presence in the Greater Houston Long Term Recovery Committee for Hurricane Ike, providing a variety of clinical counseling programs to survivors of Hurricane Ike and training for caseworkers and other helping professionals on psychological recovery following the disaster. Many of our staff members have training and experience in mental health disaster response,  volunteering at Red Cross sites during Tropical Storm Allison and in the immediate and long-term aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. And now, HGI Counseling Center helps after Hurricane Harvey's Emotional Toll and we need your help, too.

Mental and emotional recovery after a disaster can be as difficult as the disaster itself for those who go through it.  Moreover, the results of any disaster can have lingering effects for years, and for some, it becomes Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). HGI's Executive Director, Dr. Sue Levin talks about those challenges, and what HGI Counseling Center is doing to help in the brief video, which we hope you will take a moment to watch.

Please consider donating to HGI Counseling Center. We will be offering counseling sessions to First Responders,
evacuees, displaced individuals, families and couples at no fee. Please help us help so many affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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