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CROWDRISE : May 31, 2012
Tax ID: 27-1302780
BASED: Phoenix, AZ, United States


Our Mission

To care for children, adults and families with special needs and or life changing medical circumstances by providing services, support and funds that will be used for educational and medical enrichment.

Kristen Sandquist and Kevin Cherilla first met in March of 2009 when Kevin was leading a group of 25 individuals to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  That team was made up of 8 blind individuals and 17 sighted guides.  Kristen was one of the guides. 

Following their record and historic climb, in which all 25 teammates made the summit and broke four world records, Kevin and Kristen decided to combine their talents and start K2 Adventures Foundation, LLC, one of the only organizations that incorporates philanthropy and adventure travel around the world.  The rest they say is history…

The major focus of K2 Adventures Foundation is to work locally, nationally and internationally with individuals and charities by providing resources – financial, tangible, time and volunteers all over the world.  

Local and national support began in 2009 to include providing charities with funds to fulfilling grant applications.  They have donated thousands of dollars since inception to charities like Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation, Stepping Stones of Hope, Camelot, Hacienda Healthcare and the Virginia G. Piper Foundation.  They also receive applications from individuals, families and charities throughout the year requesting assistance.  These applications are reviewed by the applications committee quarterly.  Once an application is approved the individual, family or charity will receive their grant as promptly as possible.

International support began in 2009 at the Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind in Moshi, Tanzania immediately following the historic climb.  In 2011, K2 Adventures Foundation took on their biggest international endeavor by building and opening the first medical clinic for the students and orphans at the school.    These efforts provided 600+ children, of which 74 are orphans, with their first interaction with a medical team and the much needed medical care.  This launched the 2012 campaign to build and open the first dental clinic on the same property. Two canisters were shipped with over $800,000 worth of dental supplies, dental equipment and additionally computers, shoes, toys, blankets and misc. items for the students and orphans.  Proudly, in June of 2012, the dental clinic was opened and the first dental team provided over 250 children with dental care.  The future is endless.

Tax ID: 27-1302780 •


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