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High Places Community Church

High Places Community Church
CROWDRISE : Sep 10, 2014
Tax ID: 62-1461506
BASED: Oak Ridge, TN, United States


High Places Community Church

"Turn on the Lights!"

The mission of High Places Community Church is very simple: "We aim to turn on the lights in places that have grown dark."

Our misison & vision extends well beyond the Grove Theater; however when it comes to our facility we believe:

-- The Church has always been and will always be made of "living stones." A building is just a building, but the church is people. High Places was never meant to be a physical address. It is the people who are sacred, not the bricks and mortar of a building.

-- We view our facility at the Grove Theater5 as a gift by which we have been blessed. We believe it is our responsibility to use it to bless others by offering it as a gift to our community. The decision not to charge fees for theater use is a sincere one and it comes with no strings attached. 

-- Facility restoration and theater use is a WINDOW into a much different idea of community space, community diversity, and community economics. Some peer into that window and see it; some don't. But we believe this is about much more than restoring a building. It is the medium through which we are called to restore something more -- a calling into the beautiful things that reside when our humanity is freely shared.

Tax ID: 62-1461506 •


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