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Christopher Reynolds' Fundraiser:

Hike 550 miles across Spain for Child Slavery

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Currently, in the Volta Region of Ghana there are thousands of child slaves. The children are sold into the fishing industry because their families cannot support them. While living in these conditions many of the children are abused physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually. Whether healthy or sick, sleep deprived or well rested, the children are forced to work 12, 15, 17 hour days. They swim to the bottom of the lake to untangle nets, sometimes getting caught in the nets and drowning. Many of the children are forced to sleep on the ground or in a boat outside due to lack of proper shelter. Most are stricken with Malaria and some other water-borne illness. They are forced to drink the same water that they bathe and dedicate in. Almost none of them go to school and are taught that this is a proper way of life. This is also why many of the Slave Masters are ex-slaves repeating the process....this is the only trade they know. We want to raise $15,000 to build a home for these children. The home will be a safe haven for children that were once slaves. They will be able to attend school without the threat of being sold back into slavery. They will have food, clean water, medical care a family environment and they will be learning a new trade to use later in life.

We will be holding separate events to reach this goal.

-The First Fundraiser: May 22, 2014

A group of us will be taking a 550 mile pilgrimage across the country of Spain to raise $15,000. We will be hiking the Camino de Santiago. 'The Camino' is a 1000 year old pilgrimage in the south of France and the north of Spain. A group of us are traveling from different parts of the world to make this pilgrimage. We will be keeping a 'social media journal' as we hike and taking sponsorships along the way.

-Travelling to Ghana: Aug. 16th - 30th 2014

Next, will be the actual trip to Ghana. The last 2 weeks of August 2014 our group will be traveling from all different parts of the world to Tafi Atome, Ghana, Africa Tafi Atome is a village in the Volta Region that has been working with us and Compassionate Journeys to help end child slavery. We will be working side by side with the villagers to construct the home and building a clean water well for the children.

-The Future of the Home: Beyond Aug. 2014

Those working on this project have it worked out with the actual Slave Masters to release some of the children to live in this home. After the construction of the home, 9 children will be released from slavery and live in the home. They will then be attending school and learning a trade. They will have an adult living in the home with other volunteers supervising to take care of the children. As time goes on there are plans to expand this home and to host more children.

The slave children of Ghana aren't really children at all. The smiles are wiped away by abuse, lack of basic enjoyment and horrible working conditions. They are forced to work very long work days and to do chores that most grown adults would not even considering doing. Most, if not all are being robbed of basic health, happiness and a safe and comfortable childhood. In the past when children are released from slavery it doesn't take much time at all for their smiles and laughter to return.



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